State of the social service workforce in South Asia

A report

Nepal, Madrasa Imadul Ghoraba: After Friday’s prayer, Imam speaks to students and villagers about child marriage.


This report provides information on the current status of the social service workforce in the eight countries in South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, 
Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is structured around global-level indicators outlined in a recent UNICEF ‘Social Service Workforce Strengthening Programme Guidance’ paper. This report describes policies, education, funding and support available to the workforce, and includes data available on the composition of the workforce in each of the eight countries. It identifies innovative practices that may be scaled up and also learned from in other country contexts and incorporates findings on the accountability of the workforce from the perspective of children. The report highlights unique aspects of each country’s workforce, identifies common challenges or trends, and presents implications that countries may consider when developing their country-level action plans.

State of the social service workforce in South Asia
UNICEF South Asia
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