Progress towards UNICEF South Asia’s Headline and Complementary Results (2018–2021)


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Today, one out of three people living in South Asia is a child. Children younger than 18 account for about 616 million of the region’s growing population of 1.86 billion. This update report on the UNICEF South Asia regional programmatic priorities, the Regional Headline and Complementary Results presents key available data on the lives of South Asian children today. It examines and analyzes progress on South Asia children well-being through the lens of health and physical development; nutrition; outcomes in school; exposure to violence, exploitation and harm; access to clean and safe environments; and progress in reducing poverty. The publication of this brochure takes place amid the COVID-19 global crisis. The far-reaching impacts of the pandemic on children have yet to be seen. But we do know this unpredictable and dramatic time will carry many worrisome short- and long-term consequences for children. This document provides an important baseline and will serve as vital guidance as we navigate to address evolving needs of children in South Asia.

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UNICEF, Data and Analytics Section, Division of Data, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring (DAPM) and UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA)
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