Preserving hope in Afghanistan

Protecting children in the world’s most lethal conflict

A group of young boys look into the camera.


Every day, an average of nine children are killed or injured in Afghanistan, a country that has become the world’s most lethal war zone after forty years of conflict and turmoil.

Between 2009 and 2018, armed conflict killed nearly 6,500 children and injured close to 15,000 others.

Many children who escape the direct effects of violence still feel the impact on their daily lives. In 2018, the United Nations verified 162 attacks against schools, hospitals and their staffs. It also recorded 44 incidents in which humanitarian aid could not be delivered to needy communities, mainly due to the activities of armed groups.

This Child Alert report presents the dangerous context Afghanistan's children face in the country's ongoing insecurity, highlights the stories of young people impacted by the violence and underlines UNICEF's work in this challenging context. The report closes with a call to action for the children of Afghanistan.

The cover image includes the UNICEF logo box in the top right, and the text: "UNICEF CHILD ALERT; December 2019; PRESERVING HOPE IN AFGHANISTAN; Protecting children in the world’s most lethal conflict" on top of a photo of Afghan boys looking starkly at the camera.
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