The Heat is On!

Towards Climate Resilient Education Systems in South Asia



The role of education systems in the global climate change agenda has been overlooked.

This regional report, commissioned by UNICEF South Asia, represents a shift in how the education sector has been analyzed with regards to climate change risks, moving away from a narrow focus on climate impacts on education infrastructure and on student’s attendance, towards a systemic approach on the fundamental role that education systems can – and must – play in the climate change agenda. 

The regional report analyses education sector responses to climate change exploring seven key education systems components:

  • Policies, plans and strategies
  • Finance
  • Curriculum, teaching and learning
  • Teacher capacity development
  • Communication, coordination and partnership
  • School and community student participation platforms
  • Monitoring, evaluation and accountability


The report offers key recommendations and a self-assessment tool to make the education systems in South Asia, and globally, more resilient in the face of increasing climate change risks. 

Fumiyo Kagawa, PhD
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