Gender Programmatic Reviews in UNICEF Offices in South Asia

A Synthesis Report

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In line with UNICEF’s corporate guidance, the Gender Unit at UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) conducted Gender Programmatic Reviews (GPR) in select countries. The primary objective was to assess progress in the first two years of implementation of the second Gender Action Plan (GAP) 2018-2022 specifically:

  • To review the extent of gender mainstreaming in the programming documents [Country Programme To documents (CPD); Programme Strategy Notes (PSNs); Rolling Work Plans (RWPs)]in line with GAP priorities and principles.
  • To identify opportunities to strengthen gender mainstreaming in the PSNs, through gender-responsive programme strategies, intervention approaches and activities across Outcome Areas;
  • To provide recommendations for more explicit articulation of gender priorities in the programming cycle and strengthen institutional accountability in line with the GAP principles.
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Navanita Sinha
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