Adolescent Girls Agenda for Action in South Asia

Responding to girls’ call for change in South Asia

2018 Mawa
UNICEF Bangladesh/2018/Mawa


The Action Agenda for Adolescent Girls highlights seven areas where accelerated results are necessary to empower girls and advance gender equality in South Asia. Adolescent girls in the regions are disproportionately affected by harmful gender norms, rules and practices that limit their opportunities, bodily autonomy, decision-making power and voice. This agenda for girls emerged as an outcome of a two-day multi-stakeholder consultation involving government officials, civil society organizations, NGO partners, and adolescent girls from the region on the event of the International Day of the Girl Child. It consolidates intersectional voices from South Asia into actionable items, with clear strategies guiding stakeholders’ renewed commitment to investing in the empowerment of adolescent girls and bringing about a more gender-equal world.

Cover Image-Adolescent Girls in South Asia
UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia
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