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UNICEF and IDS conference: Rethinking urbanization and child poverty

CALL FOR PAPERS: new deadline 14 April

The UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) has teamed up with Institute of Development Studies (IDS)to explore how issues of urban inclusion can help some of the most marginalized and excluded children in Asia access services and sources of livelihood.

On 9-10 June 2014 IDS will be hosting a conference titled Rethinking Urbanization and Equity in Asia: Harnessing the Potential of Urban Living for All Children’ for which a call for papers has just been released

Some of the worst forms of inequality and exclusion are found in Asia’s rapidly expanding cities. More than 40 per cent of Asia’s population now live in cities, and urban growth is expected to further accelerate in the coming decades.

Cities of all sizes have become engines of economic growth and social development, and because cities present great potential for cost-effective service delivery through economies of scale, urban children should – in theory – be better off than their rural counterparts. In practice however, inequality remains a serious challenge with millions of children living in poverty without basic services and infrastructure.

While across Asia poverty continues to be a predominantly rural phenomenon, the ways in which countries plan, develop, and manage their cities affects their ability to reduce poverty and ensure a sustainable future for children.

The conference, which will be held at IDS in Sussex, will bring together academics and practitioners to assess the effects – both positive and negative – of urbanization on children, understand child poverty in urban areas, and develop approaches to make cities more liveable for children and adolescents.

For more information please read our call for papers

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