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Regional Programme Communication / C4D Training eDVDs

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C4D eDVDs are now available...
A new knowledgeware application containing captured knowledge from past Communication for Development (C4D) workshops (reports, handouts, videos, photos, powerpoints, and more) is now available. This simple PC application allows you to browse through workshop materials and to view video recordings, PSAs, and other multimedia items that are presented during the workshop, all from the comfort of your workstation or laptop computer.

Who Can Benefit from this Program?
Trainers, Participants, and Coordinators of past and future C4D Workshops can benefit by having all the materials used during the workshop, to include additional documents such as:

  • Registration and other Admin forms (templates and samples).
  • Materials and Contacts list.
  • Trainer's Guides for Learning Modules.
  • Handouts, Powerpoints, and Multimedia (complete set).
  • Class exercises and associated materials.


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What's Included?
There are two distinct packages, one for the Trainer, and one for the Participant. The difference between the two is that the Trainer's eDVD contains all the materials, to include guides and forms that are not needed by the participant, but useful in the planning, delivery, and evaluation phases of the workshop. Both eDVDs contain a short introduction that includes Participant testimonials as well as insights into the training from Guy Scandlen, lead facilitator for the UNICEF C4D workshops in South Asia.

For more information or to have the special eDVDs shipped to your office, please email:

Teresa Stuart

If you have used this offering and would like to comment on this eDVD, please use the online eDVD Survey Form.



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