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Complete list of Meena comic books and films

Meena Comic Books and Key Messages

1. Count Your Chickens -  Meena's dream of going to school comes true
2. Dividing the Mango -   Raju finds out what it is to like to be Meena for a day
3. Will Meena Leave School? -  Meena finds a way to increase the family's income
4. Who's Afraid of the Bully? -  Meena and friends get together to solve the problem of bullies
5. Saving a Life - Meena saves baby Rani when she has diarrhea
6. Meena's Three Wishes -  Meena tackles the issues of hygiene and sanitation
7. Say No to Dowry -  Meena and her family question the practice of dowry
8. Too Young to Marry -  Can Meena help her cousin who is being married before the legal age?
9. Take Care of Girls -  Girls and boys have an equal right to health care
10. I Love School -  A good teacher makes all the difference
11. It's Got to Be a Boy! -  Meena teaches her uncle to welcome the birth of girls and boys equally
12. Meena in the City -  Meena experiences the life of a domestic child worker
13. AIDS: A Girl's Story -  Meena helps challenge stigma and some myths about HIV/AIDS
14.  Learning to Love - Children need stimulation, care and play from an early age, and fathers' involvement in their development is important
15. Strangers in the Village - Coping with differences and peace building in conflict situations
16. Reaching Out -  Community care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS
17. Meena and Her Friend -  Iodine deficiency disorders and support for children suffering from IDD
18. It Could Happen to Anyone - Keeping children safe from accidents, including road accidents among adolescents
19. The Girls Came Back -  Trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls
20. When Meena was Born - Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and complementary feeding along with breast milk after that
21. When Meena was a Little Girl - Low birth weight among infants and its prevention
22. Seeing in the Dark -  Vitamin A deficiency and prevention
23. Health in your Hands -  The importance of hand washing to be healthy
24. Safe from Worms - Worm infestation and prevention
25. Fair Play for Girls - Girls' right to play and recreation
26. Baby Rani's Four Visits -  The importance of EPI (immunization)
27. We Love Books - The need for quality learning materials for education
28. Learning with Meena - The importance of educating girls
29. School First, Marriage Later -  Prevention of early marriage and retention of older girls in school
30. Teacher Helps to Learn -  Quality of education in classroom situations
31. Let's Go to School Together - Retention of girls in school (after primary)
32. Learning Can be Fun - Need for quality education
33. Life has Changed - Psychosocial episode




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