Leave No Girl Behind Webinar Series for South Asia

Thematic Review




Set against a decade of significant progress in girls’ education in some South Asian contexts, and acknowledging the pervasive challenges for the region’s girls, this document is a brief but important summary of the thematic priorities explored throughout the Leave No Girl Behind webinar series. It shines light on the emerging and potentially long‑lasting impact of COVID-19 on the education, employment and health prospects of vulnerable, marginalized and excluded girls.

Drawing upon three of the Girls’ Education Challenge’s programmatic COVID-19 response domains – continuation of teaching and learning, safety and protection, and return to school - this document analyses the different ways in which current evidence gathering and programming efforts build upon a decade of momentum in girls’ education, while addressing persistent gaps and shortcomings in school access, engagement, retention, and educational outcomes for girls.


Author: UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia


Publication date: September 2020