07 June 2023

How play strengthens your child’s mental health

Play is how young children learn and make sense of the world around them. While they are having fun, they are working on critical parts of their development like building motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills. But the power of play extends beyond early learning: it also plays a key role in building your child’s mental health – and yours…, Play helps to strengthen the bond between you and your child, Sharing in joyful moments of fun and learning helps bring children and their caregivers closer together. As your little one's first playmate, you have the ability to provide opportunities for learning and connection right at home. When you play together, you get to see the world from your child’s perspective. By providing your child with love,…, Play helps reduce stress levels, Playing games, dancing and singing are great ways to relieve stress for both your child and you. When you’re enjoying fun moments and laughing together, your body releases endorphins that promote a feeling of well-being. Even short periods of play together can serve as a powerful reminder for adults of their ability to support their child, and…, Play helps children process difficult emotions, When children are dealing with complex emotional issues, it often shows up in their play. Giving children space to play allows them to work through feelings such as pain, fear or loss while being able to still act like a child. Play gives them a way to express things they are struggling with that they don’t yet have the words to fully explain. By…, Play helps to build confidence, Solving problems and coming up with creative solutions during a game or while working on a puzzle give children a sense of accomplishment and competence. When you take time to play with your child, your little one is learning that they are valued and fun to be around. It is important that you give your full attention during playtime and invest in…
15 November 2022

Celebrate with us World Children’s Day – 20 November

World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children, by children.  From climate change, education and mental health, to ending racism and discrimination, children and young people are raising their voices on the issues that matter to their generation and calling for adults to create a better future. On World Children's Day, we must…, Get involved on World Children's Day,       CHILDREN AND YOUTH Celebrate and make your voice heard! Children Children Children Children P ARENTS Help your children know their rights. Parents Parents Parents Parents TEACHERS Join the World Largest Lesson Learning Learning Learning Learning COMP ANIES Take part in the #KidsTakeOver challenge   Children children Children children   AUTH…, Kids take over, Children will ‘take over’ high-visibility roles in media, politics, business, sport and entertainment normally held by adults to shine a spotlight on issues that matter to them.  Children's Government Guvernul copiilor (1) Children's Government Guvernul copiilor (1)  , World largest lesson, cea mai mare lectie A week ahead of World Children’s Day celebrated every year on 20 November, CJI and UNICEF invite all teachers to take part in "Romania's largest media literacy lesson". During the activity, which will take place from 14 to 27 November, students will be able to learn in class how to verify information using data and statistics…, Imagine a better future for every child
03 February 2022

Children’s Board

Who we are, #Children’sBoard is the story of different talents working together for a common goal and shows how unique and diverse human values and traits are crucial for a successful team. Boardul Copiilor, How it all started, Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out children’s right to be heard and have their views taken into account, thus contributing to better communities. In January 2019, when the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice represented by the National Authority for the Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption, the Ministry…, Our mission and objectives, Children are indeed the future, but they are also part of the present. They are the innovation, inspiration and change that the present so desperately needs. At the Children’s Board, we promote children’s participation in decision-making, we give a powerful voice to the vulnerable and we foster diversity. Guided by the motto ‘Nothing for children…, Here are some of our projects!, Boardul Copiilor 1 iunie 2023, We were involved in the development of the Strategy on the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights 2021-2027, The Strategy on the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights 2021-2027 was developed based on extensive cooperation between the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoption (NARPDCA) and the other public institutions responsible for implementing child rights protection and promotion policies, child and…, We have shared our experiences and encouraged vaccination, As vaccination is the only way to get through these particularly difficult times for all of us in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wrote an article featuring testimonials from adolescents about why we got vaccinated. On the U-Report platform, we launched a consultation to gather adolescents’ views and concerns about COVID-19 vaccines., We have drawn attention to the importance of mental health, We drew attention to the need for emotional balance and for adapting to the changes produced by the COVID-19 pandemic in the #SpunetiOFul and #OnMyMind campaigns. On the World Children's Day, celebrated on November 20 th , we called for children’s right to mental health to become a reality.  , We have learned about the importance of media literacy, We have acquired media skills, meant to help us grow and develop a generation of active citizens, through a series of workshops organised by the Independent Journalism Centre and UNICEF Romania. We have learned to make the distinction between information and disinformation, be wary of fake news and protect the others from the effects of the…, We were involved in the Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Romania, A group of children, aged 12 to 17 years, representing several organisations like the UNICEF-supported Children’s Board, Save the Children, the National Student Council, SOS Children’s Villages and Star of Hope, was set up and involved in the development of the Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Romania. During the online meetings,…, Romania for Every Child Initiative, In November 2021, the Romanian Senate and UNICEF in Romania launched the initiative ‘Romania for Every Child. Making Social Inclusion Real - Breaking the Cycle of Exclusion for the Most Vulnerable Children in Romania’. “The initiative is intended for all children – younger, older, shy or confident, children who need to go to kindergarten and…, Child Friendly Cities Initiative, The Child Friendly Cities Initiative is a UNICEF-led initiative that supports local governments in realising the rights of children at the local level, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Rafaela (Children’s Board) and Robert (National Student Council) are involved as members in the National Coordinating Body of the Child…, We have celebrated important days and moments together!,   On June 1 st , we celebrated together children, their voices and childhood at the #Children’sSenate ! On the National Adoption Day (June 2 nd ), the Children’s Board participated in a debate that brought together representatives of the authorities and UNICEF, adoptive families and families preparing to adopt. For the 30 th anniversary of UNICEF…, We have been involved in international projects, Together with UNICEF Global and Voices of Youth, we have had the opportunity of working with adolescents around the world to roll out a worldwide campaign covering three main themes: education, environmental protection and mental health. The campaigns have been promoted on social media to reach as many children and adults across the globe. At the…