02 March 2023

The new Bebbo parenting app

Our new free Bebbo application for parents is the only tool parents need to give their children ‘A good start for a lifetime’. Supporting them and guiding them all the way through their child’s development years, from 0 to 6 years old. The Bebbo app helps you with answers to all your questions about parenting, all from the palm of your hand.  , Download the free Bebbo app now!, Google play App store, Parenting is hard, all parents can use some support,   Each and every child needs nurturing, nutrition, loving care, good health, and a stimulating & safe environment that offers plenty of support for early learning. All parents need support and have millions of questions on how to assist their children to grow healthy and smart. This is where Bebbo comes into play! The free app developed by…, How does Bebbo help you with your child’s development?,   The Bebbo App has a huge range of helpful features empowering parents to make the right decisions when it comes to the care and development of their child. Encouraging parents to engage daily with suggested articles and games that will help their little ones hit those key development milestones while growing healthy and happy., Features include:  , Bebbo Bebbo read Bebbo Bebbo read Suggested Daily Reads Every day the app will suggest a daily game and an article from a rich library of parenting advice written by experts, covering a large range of topics available in the app, such as baby weaning and early learning. All advice can be quickly saved as favorites and shared with other parents or…, Discover parenting app created by experts for parents of young children.,  , Download FREE App now!, Google play Google play Bebbo was developed with support from: The Austrian Development Agency and the European Union. Austrian Development Cooperation EU
01 August 2022

Breastfeeding: Mini Parenting Master Class

We sat down with Dr. Michele Griswold, lactation expert and former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association to answer some of the many questions surrounding breastfeeding., Transcript of 'Breastfeeding: Mini Parenting Master Class' video, "Did you know that your nipples have good bacteria? So you don’t need to wash them before breastfeeding. My name is Dr. Michele Griswald, and this is my Mini Parenting Master Class on breastfeeding." , Is breastfeeding easy?, "Sometimes mothers get messages that breastfeeding is natural and it’s easy. Sometimes breastfeeding can be easy with the first baby, and hard with the second baby for the same mother. So it really just depends.", Does breastfeeding hurt?, "You shouldn’t stop breastfeeding if your nipples hurt. You should keep breastfeeding but you should get help to see why it’s hurting.", How much should my baby eat?, "They should see signs of hunger about 8 to 12 times in 24 hours. Newborn babies need to eat a lot because they’re growing rapidly. They double their birth weight in the first six months of life, or before. So you can imagine how much you would need to eat if you had to double your weight.", Should I wash my nipples before breastfeeding?, "It’s not necessary to wash your nipples before you breastfeed, because the breasts and the skin around the nipple actually produces good bacteria. And it’s that good bacteria that helps to prevent infections on the mother’s breast.", When should I start breastfeeding?, "The first hour after birth is a very important time for the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding is a very organized, neurological behavior. And so right after birth, keeping them against the mother’s skin can help them to be calm enough to start to seek the breast. And if we do just leave mothers and babies like that after birth, then they will…, What should I eat while breastfeeding?, "Most mothers can eat anything they want when they breastfeed. They can follow their normal diet. And the interesting thing is whatever they eat, the babies will taste through their milk and start to get them ready for table foods when they’re about 6 months old.", When should I wean my baby?, "Babies will naturally wean starting around one year of age or so because developmentally, they’re changing so much. They’re becoming less focused on their mother, and more focused on learning about the world around them.", Will I have to wean my baby when I got back to work?, "We would hope that mothers who return to work do not have to wean their babies. Mothers need time and they need support to continue to breastfeed their babies. They need the support of their family, they need the support of their workplace, their employers, they need the support of their entire community. Breastfeeding not just about food. It’s…