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Andreea Marin Banica
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Dear Friends,

It was just yesterday that I was a child, although a quarter of a century separates me from that age. Often I discover that sentiments of childhood still reside in me. My memories of that time are not all of smiles and laughter. I perfectly remember the feeling of need, frustration and unfulfilled hopes, caused by factors external to me.

My encounter and work with UNICEF was inspired in this sense by a dream: I dream that every child will have equal chances to realize their full potential. The right to express themselves freely, to imagine new worlds and to realize their dreams, the right to learn and also the right to a family life and a civilized status in society. These are the ideals for which I joined forces with my friends in UNICEF.  

The utopian world from my mind probably does not exist but I hope that we can get closer to it.          

I believe it is high time that we take on more responsibility for our children. I encourage you to also support the children of Romania by contributing to UNICEF’s programmes.  


Andreea Marin
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Romania



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