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Support children in Romania

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As of 2004, UNICEF has been successfully fundraising in Romania for local projects, through corporate alliances, events and telethons. Fundraising activities have been coupled with advocacy for child rights and awareness raising on child issues, resulting in the population’s increased understanding of the need for protecting children with disabilities, combating discrimination, and promoting the social inclusion of children with HIV/AIDS. Fundraising has also helped in the promotion of breastfeeding and the education of vulnerable groups. An offshoot of fundraising activities was that the involvement of local donors helped create new networks for advocacy.

Today, local fundraising accounts for 25% of the funds implemented by UNICEF in Romania. In only four years, the funds raised have grown sevenfold. Fundraising has enhanced the capacity of the office’s programmes, and this will gain even more importance in the planned transition to a National Committee for UNICEF. In 2008, UNICEF Romania joined the global “One pack = One vaccine” initiative, a 3-year campaign run by Pampers to raise funds for anti-tetanus vaccines for African and Asian children. This campaign contributes to achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 and marks a shift in the destination of funds raised locally. UNICEF will gradually implement funds raised in Romania in projects outside the country, until the moment when these will exclusively cover international projects.



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