UNICEF distributed protective masks, disinfectant and information materials in Bacău schools

The 8th and 12th graders returned to classes in preparation for the exams

Students sitting in class, masks on, to prepare for exams
05 June 2020

The students from the final grades returned to the schools to participate in the preparation classes for the national assessment exams and the baccalaureate. It is a moment of joy for children and young people who have been at home in recent months, but also for teachers, who have not seen their students all this time, except online. For parents, the return of children to class can be a cause for concern, but not if the hygiene rules and separation procedures established by the authorities will be strictly observed. To help children, teachers and parents, UNICEF distributed masks and disinfectant, as well as information materials for protection against infection with the new coronavirus in 55 middle schools, vocational schools and high schools in Bacau County. They benefit over 5,000 students and 2,100 teachers and auxiliary staff.

A UNICEF team went to Bacău County on Thursday to find out directly from children and teachers how the preparation process is going and what are the concerns, but also the hopes of those who have now returned to classes.

"For us - teachers, parents, children, these months when schools were closed were a difficult period. We look forward to the children's return to school and hope for very good results in the national assessment exam. We have 19 8th grade graduates who will enter the national assessment exam. They are now divided into two groups that do training and stay at school from 8:00 to 10:00", said Adrian Mihăilescu, director of the “Gheorghe Nechita” Gymnasium School in Motoșeni, Bacău County.

Diana, aged 14, a student at the school in Motoșeni, was happy to learn that she would return to school, albeit for a short time. "It's better to come to school than to do homework alone. I was happy because I saw my friends, teachers and all my dear ones from school again", said the teenager.

"The kits are very welcome in our school, especially the disinfectant gel, which is in small containers that can be easily held by children in their pockets and can be used at any time," said the principal. The school also receives a micro-grant from UNICEF for the return of children to school.

"The children and teachers were extremely happy to be back at school for training. Parents were initially skeptical, worried that they could expose their children to danger, but because we complied with all preventive measures, they overcame this concern and now they send their children to school with an open heartedly, "said Simona- Andreea Șova, deputy director at the Technical College of Communications NV Karpen from Bacău.

The joy of the reunion was confirmed by the students who are preparing, with masks on their faces, for the baccalaureate exam. Letitia, a 12th grade student at "Karpen", says that she was happy to see her classmates and confesses that she understood that, coming to the training classes, she will be able to become more confidentin order to take the exams.

Through networks of professionals in the country - schools, community teams (especially community nurses, nurses and school doctors present in schools to monitor students), UNICEF has distributed numerous prevention tips, useful to both professionals and teachers, and parents.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in Romania, UNICEF has distributed approximately over 670,000 masks and gloves, as well as disinfectant, to public health departments in eight counties, general directorates of social assistance and child protection throughout the country, as well as in schools from Bacău county.

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Posted by UNICEF Romania on Thursday, June 4, 2020