Letter from the future

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl

Oana Bîzgan
Sărbătorim Ziua Internațională a Fetelor
Arhivă personală/Oana Bîzgan
12 October 2020

My dear Oana,

To start with, I should thank you. I should thank you for your courage, determination, rebellion and for always being and continuing to be yourself!

You’ve already been through much and much is still to come your way, yet I want you to know that you will be doing great! Nevertheless, I must tell you a few things that I know you already grasp or sense, but that you will truly understand sometime, later in life.

Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Nobody has real power over you, but yourself. And other people’s actions will impact you only to the extent you allow that to happen. This is a lesson you will learn the hard way. And you won’t find it easy, but once you’ll have fully understood and accepted it, you will become stronger and more confident. Always work for what you believe in. Do what you like and want to do, no matter how scared you might be. You’ll see that you stand only to gain. You are right to be anxious sometimes, to ask yourself questions and look for answers. Here’s a secret for you: you still haven’t got all the answers. But you’ll see that this search will always bring you closer to what really matters for you.

Stay true to yourself and those around you! It’s the most important thing. When you know who you are and what you can do, the others can no longer ignore you.

It is true, however, that all will try to fit you in various boxes over time. Don’t let them do that! You now that you don’t do it either. We all have our own personalities and potentials that we may or may not develop, but nobody deserves to be put in this or that box simply because they fit or not certain checklist criteria.

Do not let failure bring you down. Search for change and try to bring it as close as possible to the others. Always work with an open mind and heart. This will make the difference. Let others tell you that “It isn’t possible”, “That’s how it’s always been”, “There’s nothing for us to change, things are already going well” and focus on what you can do to get things going better than they already are. Trust yourself and your intuition. When you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve, there may be storm around you, yet you shall not be moved. You’ll stand up to all challenges and fearlessly walk your way.

I could tell you much more about what you’ve lived and done so far, about how much you’ve learned and how you’ve changed over time or about the joys you’ve had and the obstacles you’ve overcome to be really happy with who you are today, to truly understand yourself, to allow yourself to make mistakes and know that things will not always go as planned. But I let you discover all these yourself. And please rest assured, you will find a way to successfully surpass each obstacle.

And, on your way to adulthood, don’t forget to have fun, enjoy every moment and stay optimistic!


Oana (the one from the future)   

About Oana Bîzgan

Oana Bîzgan is an independent Member of the Romanian Parliament and a Member of the Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Also, Oana is the first woman in Romanian politics to be selected by the World Economic Forum in the Young Global Leader community, she is an ambassador of the Girl2Leader campaign in Romania and a member of the Vital Voices community. The main causes she supports are social justice in general and the rights of women, children and people with disabilities in particular.