Dear Raluca

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl

Raluca Michailov
Ziua Internațională a Fetelor
Arhiva personală/Raluca Michailov
13 October 2020

Dear Younger Me (as the song goes),

I’ve got much to tell you, but I shall leave that for a potential book, since we don’t want to bore the netizens to tears with long, emotional posts.

I know it’s been difficult to get to this venerable age of 44 with an unbroken heart and mind. On the other hand, I know you hate moaning, so we shan’t be writing a litany, but something brief and useful.

From the height of our 44 and a half years, which you used to deem a Methuselahmic age, I take the liberty of writing the following, in the attempt to spare you much sorrow and bitterness and pain:

  1. Keep going faithfully. Don’t let yourself disappointed or scared of what you’ll come across in life but consider carefully your way and walk it with God.
  2. Do not rely on anyone. Not even on those who swear you everlasting love or friendship. Don’t despise and don’t hate them but look and see them as precisely what they are: humans. That is inconstant, biased, often uprooted or disoriented. Help and soothe, but do that wisely and sparingly, without overlooking yourself. It is very important that you remember this.
  3. You know what your favourite granny always told you: there's no cannot, but only don't want. Well, it is true. You can do anything, so long it is moral, prizeworthy, ethical. Then you will find unsuspected resources, again, in faith and wisdom.
  4. Find time to be with yourself, to get yourself together, draw your breath, to try to understand, to plan, to talk to God. You’ll be amazed how solutions come up when you take a break from the unrest and allow yourself to just be.
  5. Scars are there to remind you of a lesson learned. 
  6. You are not the prettiest, smartest, most popular or most resourceful. But you are one of a kind. And worthy. Though there will be many times when you’ll fail to see this, for being concerned with benchmarking yourself against others and with doubting.
  7. Read. Voraciously, in bouts, at night, at day, when, how and how much you can. Read, for this is how you’ll learn a great deal about yourself and about others. And you’ll be surprised to find out how much will Balzac help you in business. Or Austen. 
  8. Throughout your life, search for wisdom and sensitivity. And listen to your instincts.



The She Methuselah


About Raluca Michailov

Raluca Michailov has been a business and lifestyle journalist for over 22 years and an entrepreneur for 8 years, owning the company that publishes Forbes, Forbes Life, Forbes Kids and Lifetime magazines in Romania.