Dana's letter

Sharing personal stories, celebrating the International Day of the Girl

Dana - Children's Board
09 October 2020

Every year, on October 11, UNICEF marks the International Day of the Girl, promoting gender equality and equal opportunities for girls around the world. This year, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to celebrate it online and reimagine a better world inspired by adolescent girls.

Here is Dana's letter.


To all the girls around the world,

Do you believe as well that the challenges and hardships set on our girl shoulders are much bigger than others?

Do you believe as well that, although we don’t want to show it, in order not to appear weak, we cover ourselves in armour and social masks, we keep quiet and conceal ourselves in order not to be noticed by harassers and abusers? That we try to survive, with the lowest personal costs possible and we fight daily in order to somehow successfully face, in accordance with the almighty standards of this world with misogynistic rules and standards, all the traps and dangers that are lurking around every corner of this urban jungle?  

But for me, this solution seems like a flee and a withdrawal in our interior mind, where we isolate ourselves in order to be protected. And sometimes, for many girls, this is also an abandonment. Of our dreams, needs and, worst of all, of our chances and opportunities.

This way we lose ourselves. We ourselves get down from the greatness and the mission which we received at birth as exclusive gifts. To create, to procreate and to renew.

STOP! This would truly be a living nightmare, through which we have to go day by day in the cities and villages we are living in.

I want to tell you something and I bid you to think about it, without even an ounce of fear or doubt.

Every time you’ll feel that the heaviness of the challenges has fallen on your shoulders and bends your knees, I want you to remember, in your heart, Beyonce’s song “If I were a Boy”. But just the superb rhythm of the song, not the lyrics.

Then close your eyes for a moment, brief enough in order to erase from your mind the extremely well-known lyrics of this song and to replace them with yours. Look! These are mine: “I am exactly who I need to be and I will strive for greatness wherever I will be.” I’m sure that yours will be even more inspirational and motivating, in order for you to feel good in your skin and GIRL clothes.

From nature, from your parents and from within you, you have the qualities to astonish, captivate, inspire and convince people to believe in your vision and ideas.

Make them follow you in your mission to renew this world.. And then, if you’re in the mood, make them follow you also while having fun.

But be the leader that also makes them see the world you are constantly dreaming of. They will believe you and they will follow you if they see that your ideas and decisions are based on your convictions and values.

Each time an opportunity arises, one that responds to your needs for development, don’t think twice about it and just take it! If no opportunities arise, search for them, because they won’t simply come to you. Or create them! Who’s stopping you from doing this?

Dana at Children's Board workshop
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Dedicate yourself to the things that matter, that make you happy and bring you spiritual fulfilment. When you are able to, help those around you to feel the vibration of your happiness. Your willpower will become your path in the years that follow. You are the only one that your success or your failure depends on and the only one who decides if she leaves remarkable trails in her life or stuns herself with “I can’t” and “I don’t know”, fading away.

No struggle is in vain, so fight for your dream with all your skills and abilities. The time you have is enough! You just have to have the will needed for this, as positive results will come without a doubt. 

Believe in yourself! You are the most powerful being on this Earth. The power is within you, not in others, and certainly not in objects or money.

Your power lies in the opinion you have about yourself.

We are girls! Future women and mothers, who are born with the perception of good and the power to create and bring comfort. It would be a complete contradiction of sense and purpose to generate negative energies and to create guiding lines that bring injustice and malice. We have the divine instinct to create and to protect.  

Make your voice heard and use it for truth, justice and solidarity!

Make your opinions known each time you feel that your fundamental values and the ones of the community you live in are breached.

Be the energy and the will that repair a wrong or an abuse, even if you are the only one that supports it and behind you the wave of reactions or contradictory opinions that unleashes against you will frighten you.

I know, the gloom of intolerance, superficiality and commodity can be and really is scary.

Even with all these natural fears of the body and soul of a girl, do not be afraid.

Be the lamp that spreads Light into the dark and gives spiritual warmth in the social frost that seems to numb us all in this pandemic of disease, fear, insecurity and unpredictability.

Always trust that your positive vibration will inspire and motivate another girl’s soul and the soul of others, therefore putting into motion a “live wheel” that moves our social mechanism forward.

Be the spark that lights people in their desire to discover themselves and how strong they are.

Make people vibrate high and they will listen to you and follow you.

We are the leaders that this world desperately needs.

I have faith in you and your power!

Yours fondly,


About Dana 

My name is Dana, I am 19 years old and I am a student at the Faculty of Law of Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Music, dance, theater and art have occupied a special place in my heart since I know myself, being a singer  in a band of teenagers for 5 years with whom I participated at the popular TV Show  Romanians Got Talent. I attend this faculty, I do what I do because I strongly believe in the principle of equal opportunities/equality of chances. It is one of my personal values, but also of my family. In all my 4 years of high school I have dedicated myself and my time, I worked and I fought with my team for a quality and inclusive education, which respects the rights, desires and needs of students, being also part of the Student Council and then president at county level of this structure. I am a dedicated advocate for the right of children to participate and wrote together with the children of Europe and the Romanian Children's Board Members the "Bucharest EU Children's Declaration".