Children’s views on the Sustainable Development Goals

U-Report survey results

Anda (15 years old, Oradea), Member of the Children's Board
03 June 2020

In preparation for “Together for Sustainable Development – We are the Next Generation” event, using the U-Report platform and with the support of the UNICEF team, we initiated a consultation with over 10.000 children, offering them the possibility to answer a series of questions about the Sustainable Development Goals.

We hereby present you the analysis of the answers of 3.000 children and young people who contributed to the survey. For this analysis, we worked together with other three members of the Children's Board: Dominique (17 years old, Râmnicu Vâlcea), Silvia (17 years old, Caracal) and Sebastian (17 years old, Ploiești). The results are available in real-time, right here.

Almost 60% of the U-Reporters who participated to the survey, never heard before of the Sustainable Development Goals. Almost 90% of the participants also do not know much about it.


The main source of information for children and young people about the Sustainable Development Goals is the Internet. Facebook and Instagram pages or other articles found online through Google searches are just a few sources that the survey participants used in order to learn more about this topic.

School classes and the events organized at school have been referenced by 10% of the children and young people who answered the U-Report survey. Another way in which they learned about the Sustainable Development Goals was through their involvement in extracurricular activities like United Nations Model conferences, voluntary activities, Students Council, community projects or training sessions for active citizens.

The fact that part of the respondents learnt about this topic from their familiy members emphasises the significant role that family plays in children’s education.

Out of the 44% of the children who said that they heard about this topic elsewhere, most of them confirmed that they learnt about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through the U-Report platform.

Only 19% of the interviewed believe that Romania contributes to Sustainable Development Goals, and 55% do not know for sure what measures our country takes in order to fulfill them.

When it comes to the level of awareness that the U-Reporters have with regards to the Sustainable Development Department of the Romanian Government, 78% mentioned that they did not know about it, 7% said they were not sure it exists, while 14% already knew about this department.

Getting to know the Sustainable Development Goals should be a school-led initiative, according to 45% of the U-Reporters’ answers. On the other hand, 28% of them wish to see constant updates in traditional and social media and 20% consider that partnerships between the Sustainable Development Department and children groups or organizations are efficient in improving the awareness level. Other answers propose more attractive ways of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, for instance, through interactive projects organized in places where children have easy access, like educational institutions, or over the Internet.


When asked about how they can personally contribute, almost half of the children and young people (49%) answered that the most efficient way is by being involved in projects and initiatives that promote and support the SDGs.


When asked about how they can personally contribute, almost half of the children and young people (49%) answered that the most efficient way is by being involving themselves in projects and initiatives that promote and support the objectives, while 36% consider that actively staying informed, following the official communication channels and the discussions led with friends and colleagues may considerably help in disseminating knowledge about the 17 Objectives of the Sustainable Development.

61% of the children and young people who participated in the survey believe that the Sustainable Development Department can improve the interaction with them by organizing workshops and meetings in order to discuss topics of common interest.

20% of the participants consider U-Report a useful platform that enables children and young people to share their views, and 16% believe that dissemination of educational materials in schools and highschools is an important factor in ensuring accurate information when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Other ideas that the young people had was to organize online meetings, conducted on different platforms, in order to meet and discuss, complying with the social distancing measures imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as designing interactive applications for children that make daily recommendations on how they can contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here goes the live stream of the “Together for Sustainable Development – We are the Next Generation” event.


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Posted by UNICEF Romania on Wednesday, June 3, 2020