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Below, you will find some of the publications printed by UNICEF Romania that can be downloaded in PDF format. For other UNICEF publications, see  


 Research study on the migration phenomenon from Oas: "Foreignland: Dreamland or Nightmare?"

 Report: Evaluation of Antitrafficking Policies in Romania

 Nutritional Status of Pregnant Women, Children under 5 Years Old and Schoolchildren Aged 6-7 years

 Child Care System Reform in Romania

 Reproductive Health Survey - Romania 2004


  National Strategy on the Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders


  Practicies and Standards in the System of Juvenile Justice in Romania

The goal of this study is to improve the administration of justice in the area of social and legal protection of the minor, in view of setting up the new child and family courts.


Socio-medial causes of mortality in under-5 children dying at home and within the first 24 hours of hospitalisation

Research study has as a main goal the assessment of child abandonment phenomena in the hospitals, and the manner in which social care and medical services respond to the identified needs in connection with the issue of child abandonment.

    Full report - English

    Full report - Romanian


    2005 - 2009 UNICEF Romania Country Programme


    National Strategy HIV-AIDS

The National Strategy for the surveillance, control and prevention of HIV/AIDS cases was developed by the Romanian Governmental and Non Governmental bodies printed with UNICEF support and was conceived as a flexible document that will guide the activities of all national and international partners.

    National Anti-drug Strategy

Document elaborated by the National Anti-Drug Agency with the technical and financial support of UNICEF and UNAIDS and tightly related to the development of the EU Strategy on Drugs 2005 – 2012.




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