Recent publications



Recent publications

Mid-Term Review of the ‘Social Inclusion through

the Provision of Integrated 

Services at Community Level’ Model

Adolescence Explained

Romania Children in Public Care 2014

Quality Inclusive Education Package


OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education







Financial impact analysis for scaling up a model of community based services at national level 


Non-cognitive skill development in adolescents in Romania



Minimum Package of Services


Adolescent Services Mapping Study


Out of School Children Monitoring Framework


National Youth Policy Strategy 2015-2020


Cost of Non-Investment in Education in Romania

 School participation in upper secondary education - A challenge for the current policies in Romania


Helping the 'invisible' children - Second Evaluation Report


Financing the pre–graduate education system based on the standard cost

 Analysing the situation of out of school children in Romania


State of adolescents in Romania

Annual Report 2012 Executive Summary

 Study on the necessity of the implementation pf the Integrated National Strategy for the Formation and Development of Parenting Skills


Helping the invisible children - Evaluation Report 2011


Being a child in Romania - A Multidimensional Diagnosis

Cohort Analysis Estimation of the Dropout Phenomenon


Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed



Parenting Education in Romania 


Optimization of parent recruitment strategies and the strengthening of parenting skills

   Progress For Children - A report card on adolescents

 Roma Early Childhood Inclusion

  THE STATE OF THE WORLD’S CHILDREN 2012 -Children in an Urban World

 Children of Haiti: Two years after - What is changing?

 Research Report -The access to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV in Romania

 Injecting drug users- Pharmacists perspective

Response to the Horn of Africa emergency - A crisis affecting life, livelihoods and ways of life

 Decentralization of social protection system in Romania

Levels & Trends in Child Mortality - Report 2011

 Impacts of the international economic crisis in Romania 2009-2010

 UNICEF Romania Annual Report 2010

   Roma School Participation, Non-Attendance and Discrimination in Romania

 Report: At home or in a home? Formal care and adoption of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

   Handbook: Interviewing children throughout the legal proceedings


Research report: One School for All? Access to Quality Education for Roma Children

Report: The State of the World’s Children 2011- "Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity"

Early Learning and Development Standards for children from birt to 7 years old

Rapid Assessment of the social and poverty impacts of the economic crisis in ROMANIA - Final Report

Progress for Children: Achieving the MDGs with Equity

Blame and Banishment: The underground HIV epidemic affecting children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Early marriages Romani CRISS

Facts for life

Second Stage Report Sentinel - Monitoring Report

Impact of the Economic Crisis - Summary

Children of Haiti - Three months after the earthquake

Rapid Assessemnt of the social and poverty impacts of the economic crisis in Romania

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Executive Summary - The State of the World's Children - Special edition

Progress for Children

Innocenti Social Monitor 2009

Rapid assessment of the social and poverty impacts of the economic crisis in Romania, June 2009

Concluding Observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on Romania's Periodic Report

Romania - Rapid assessment of the impact of economic crisis on poverty"- UNICEF and the World Bank Report

State of the World Children Report 2009


UNICEF Romania Annual Report 2006



Children on the Brink - A Focused Situation Analysis of Vulnerable, Excluded and Discriminated Children in Romania



National Analysis of the Phenomenon of Children Left Home by Their Parents Who Migrate Abroad for Employment

 Monitoring the Rights of Mentally Disabled Children and Young People in Public Institutions

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Parenting in Romania



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