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Andreea Axinte, hairstylist with an master’s in life skills
"The first thing that stands out about Andreea are the black eyes against the peroxide blond hair. [...]" By Roxana Gramada

Mom at 17
"He’s a very good guy, but the entourage and his friends changed him very much… He’s warm, tries to help [...]" By Roxana Gramada

Andrei, a Wella-UNICEF training course graduate: “I want to learn and have a bright future”
by Dorian Ilie

Improving children’s lives through sport
by Georgiana Ilie

Hard to reach
Maria, her husband and eight children live below the poverty line. Theirs is not so much a life as a perpetual struggle for survival.

The Best Start in Life
Dana and Laura are best friends. They were brought together by their babies. They met when Maia, Dana’s daughter, was 3 weeks old and Laura was still pregnant with her son Vlad. The two young women have been inseparable ever since.

Working Hard, Playing Hard
If there ever was a success story about beating the odds, it would be the story of the Got family. Where most people in their situation fail, the Got folk find a way to cope and build on the future.

Could There Be Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Marius is telling me about his home: Bucharest’s heating pipe tunnels. They are part of the centralised heating system which takes hot water to the concrete blocks of flats built during Ceausescu’s era. Marius is fourteen.

When the Kids Came Marching In
Saturday, 20 November 2010, was a day of colour and costume, of petitions and promises, of fun and fanfare.

The Life of the Party
Miss Anca treats all her twenty-four charges with equal affection. For two years in a row she stayed behind lessons for an extra two hours, four days a week, to make sure that each and every one of her pupils knew how to read and write.

Goldilocks in Danger
It is an unusually warm November in Bucharest. An ambulance pulls up by the little park opposite one of the city’s big train stations. The letters ARAS, written in bold across the vehicle, stand for the Romanian Association Against Aids.

Little Mum
When you were nine, could you peel potatoes, make soup, lay a table for ten, shop, bring water in from the well, change nappies and get three toddlers to have an afternoon nap simultaneously?

Who Will Be the Man of the House Now? The story of Fraguta Dohotaru
Before the floods Fraguta Dohotaru had four children, now only three remain. Marian, her eldest, was ‘the man of the house’. His kind heart and grown-up sense of responsibility inclined him to take good care of his two younger brothers and sister.

We Must Go On: The Babuta Family
After the water receded, the mud in the yard was knee-deep. When the heat wave replaced the deluge, the mud baked hard and cracks appeared all over. Seventy-year-old Maria Babuta is crying.

In the Module Camp: The Buruiana Family
The floods in northeast Romania this summer took the lives of twenty-three people. In Dorohoi alone, one of the most economically disadvantaged towns in the area, 305 houses were completely destroyed by the raging water and 349 have been seriously damaged

A Matter of Life and Death: The Urigiuc Family
Their mud brick house had always been damp. Even before the floods it was not up to scratch to raise children healthily. Stefan died at barely three years from a chest infection. The poor living conditions had contributed to his illness.

One Day at a Time: The Story of Cristina Dumbraveanu
As one approaches the squat house, a teenage girl can be seen playing in the yard with two cute puppies. Peals of laughter and yelps fill the air, and through the noise, one can just make out the names of the dogs: Taz and Ufi.

Laying the foundations for a happier future in Ferentari
"The first thing that stands out about Andreea are the black eyes against the peroxide blond hair. [...]" By Roxana Gramada

In Between Worlds
A row of broken-down shacks located in a barren space by an abandoned railway line running between a modern mall and a supermarket, is what one Roma community in downtown Bucharest call home.

Sunshine after the Storm
Mihai is a 2-year boy from Costesti, a village in the heart of Iasi County, one of the six Romanian counties hit by the floods of July 2008. Mihai’s house was severely damaged by the torrents which inundated his village. It’s hard to tell whether he under

The Baby's First Right
It is so nice to hold your baby but it is so hard to learn how to take care of it, to make the first breastfeeding steps; you have to learn new things and amazing, the baby knows those things more than we, the mothers, do.

The receptive, smiling children at ‘Crinul Alb’
Many children with disabilities in Romania are being abandoned at maternity hospitals or left in the hands of state child care institutions. To understand what possibilities can exist for such children, I decided to visit a UNICEF supported project.

A story of bravery
Diagnosis disclosure, though often a bitter experience for both the family and the HIV positive youth, is a necessary measure. UNICEF has supported 'Close to You' Foundation in providing counseling for HIV positive youth and their family.

The neglected children of Fundulea
Children are constantly being left behind in the visible strife for prosperity in Fundulea. The UNICEF IKEA Day Center helps children at risk of losing their childhood, of being drawn into child labor, or worse yet, of being abandoned.

The story of a HIV positive girl. A story about how the color black can turn into a rainbow, about miracles and about learning to enjoy the little things in life.

Reaching out for a shelter
A painfully true story about girls who have been trafficked, about lies, deceit, fear, shame and lost hope.

Step by Step... Looking for the Little Prince
This is the story of a young single mother and her baby-daughter who received generous help when they most needed it. It is a story about enthusiasm, humanity and love of people.



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