UNICEF launches fundraising campaign "Save lives safely"

The funds are intended for the purchase of protective equipment and ensuring long-term support needed by professionals helping vulnerable children

03 April 2020
Daria, a girl in the village of Bogdănești, eastern Romania, smiles.
UNICEF/ Adrian Câtu

Bucharest, April 3, 2020. UNICEF in Romania launches today, with the support of Romania TV, the "Save lives safely" campaign, in order to raise funds for the purchase of special protection equipment for professionals in the field of social and medical services,  services that are essential for the vulnerable children in Romania and their families, as well as for the long-term support needed by these professionals.

Now, more than ever, vulnerable children and their families need to stay healthy, have access to health care and welfare. In order to ensure the continuity of these services, the professionals who work in the field to support disadvantaged children - community nurses, health mediators, assistants and social workers - must have special equipment meant to protect them from infection with the new coronavirus.

Through the help of Romania TV, UNICEF calls on Romanians to support this campaign and to donate 2 euros a month by sending a free SMS with the text COPIL to the number 8844. The number is valid on Digi Mobil networks, Orange Romania, Telekom Romania Mobile and Vodafone Romania. After sending the SMS with the text COPIL to 8844 and confirming the donation, the value of the 2 euros will be charged in the monthly telephone bill. In the case of PrePay cards, the amount is withdrawn from the credit of the card.

For children in disadvantaged communities and their families, the presence of community nurses, health mediators, and social workers is essential. In the context of this pandemic, vulnerable children are exposed to even greater risks, such as family separation, lack of access to medical services, abuse, neglect. That is why frontline professionals  urgently need protection and special equipment, which will enable them to perform their work safely for both themselves and the children they help," said Pieter Bult, UNICEF representative in Romania.

With the amounts raised following the campaign, UNICEF will purchase protective equipment for frontline professionals from the Supply Division of UNICEF in Copenhagen: face masks, protective gloves, goggles and suits, as well as infrared thermometers and will provide the long-term support needed by both professionals, as well as vulnerable children and their families to access health, education and social protection services.  Already, UNICEF has sent disinfectants and protective gloves to dozens of communities in Bacău. Donations can also be made online, through the page https://www.unicef.ro/doneazapentrucopii/siguranta. Companies can also support UNICEF to help children by directing to the organization, at no additional cost, a portion of the corporate income tax or other amounts.

At the global, regional and country levels, UNICEF coordinates community involvement interventions with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and has issued recommendations to prevent the spread of the epidemic and reduce the negative effects of the measures taken to contain it. It also mobilizes key governments, local partners and private sector agencies to expand, coordinate and intensify media messages and community engagement interventions.

In Romania, UNICEF is in close contact with WHO, national authorities (including the Ministry of Health and the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions - NARPDCA), regional authorities (Directorates-General for Social Assistance and Child Protection, Directorates of Public Health), with the local authorities to closely monitor the situation, as well as with the Romanian National Red Cross Society.

Together with the partners from national, regional and local level, UNICEF is conducting a Rapid Assessment of the situation so that it can provide support to children and families from vulnerable communities in which it runs programs and beyond these communities. UNICEF has developed and continues to develop and distribute communication materials dedicated to children and parents in order to help them better protect themselves and their loved ones, to prevent the spread of the virus, recommendations for parents regarding how to discuss the current situation with their children and ideas for children on how to spend this unexpected vacation. All these materials are available on the UNICEF website in Romania; you can find the link below.

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