Republic of Korea donates 1 million USD to UNICEF in support of Ukrainian refugee children and families in Romania

30 August 2022
Ms. Anna Riatti; Sector 6 Deputy Mayor Mihaela Stefan; Ms. HE Mr. Rim Kap-soo visit a Blue Dot
Ms. Anna Riatti; Sector 6 Deputy Mayor Mihaela Stefan; Ms. HE Mr. Rim Kap-soo during the visit at the Blue Dot in Sector 6, Bucharest

BUCHAREST, 30 August 2022 – The Government of the Republic of Korea has donated 1 million USD to strengthen the support UNICEF offers to the Government of Romania in response to the Ukraine refugee crisis. The donation was announced by H.E. Mr. RIM Kap-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania, and Mrs. Anna Riatti, the UNICEF Representative in Romania today after visiting the Blue Dot refugee children and family support hub in Bucharest’s Sector 6.

The Blue Dot is part of a network of support hubs that UNICEF jointly set up with its partners, including central, county and local authorities, civil society organizations and UNHCR across the country to meet the basic needs of refugee children and their families taking shelter in Romania, providing them with essential services.

The Korean government is keenly aware of the sufferings of the Ukrainian people and refugees, occurred due to the prolonged war. In this regard, our government has been making continuous contributions to stand with them. In addition to providing humanitarian assistance of 100 million USD to the Ukrainian government, the Korean government is diversifying its channels of assistance through UNICEF to provide those in dire need with direct help, and this donation is one of such efforts. It is very meaningful to see how our support is substantialized for the children and their families in the Blue Dot hub in Sector 6, and the Embassy will continue to fully cooperate with the Blue Dot. The Republic of Korea will actively participate in international endeavors for the reconstruction and restoration of Ukraine.”, said H.E. RIM Kap-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania.

“We are grateful for the generous contribution of the Republic of Korea, allowing us to expand our support to the Government’s response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. This contribution will help us and our partners to offer essential integrated services such as information and counseling, family reunification, child and mother-friendly spaces, for those currently sheltering in Romania – particularly focusing on the most vulnerable children. Children and their families in these difficult circumstances require and deserve a safe environment, where they are adequately protected”, said Anna Riatti, the UNICEF Representative in Romania.

“From the first day of war, the authorities of 6th District oh Bucharest addressed the needs of Ukrainian refugees like adults or children with their families. We were in closed connection with UNICEF and other civil society organizations to develop services, including access to housing, medical services, legal counseling, kindergarten, and school, daycare services, learning and parenting skills, summer schools, Romanian language classes, and social integration overall. The aim is to support Ukrainian families to become independent and fully social integrated.

On medium and long-term, we considered important to continue the partnership between the Mayoralty, UNICEF and other key stakeholders using the upgraded services to facilitate the social inclusion of Ukrainian children and families by connecting them with other Romanian children and facilitating access to work for their parents, housing and counseling. That’s why we are open to continue the partnership with all the stakeholders and support the long-term integration of refugees. Blue Dot Sector 6 is the hub that ensures that every refugee that seeks support in 6th District, will get it. The center is the result of the partnership between the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection 6th District of Bucharest and UNICEF. More than 2500 refugees were and are assisted by social workers of 6th District and, due to public-private partnerships, more than half were integrated in our community or got support for integration in Romania.” said Mr. Ciprian Ciucu, 6th District Major.

To date, UNICEF and its partners have set up 11 Blue Dots in Romania and are working to open more refugee children and family support hubs in other parts of the country, depending on the needs of refugee children. The aim is to connect these blue dots to ensure that all children are protected along the journey and ensure they reach their destination safely.

Until early August 2022, over 42,000 refugee women and children have received at least one support service in the Blue Dots operational in Romania. In the medium and long term, UNICEF is working with partners to ensure that children and their families receive all the services and support – from health to education and protection services – from the moment they cross the border until their destination in Romania, or beyond, so that no one is left behind.

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