PrimoHUB: A new play, learning and parenting center opens its doors in Bucharest

The Bucharest Mayoralty, the Step by Step Center and UNICEF work together to offer Romanian and Ukrainian children early education services and services for parenting skills development to their families

06 December 2022
Representatives of UNICEF, Bucharest Mayoralty and Step by Step speak in front of children playing at PrimoHUB

BUCHAREST, December 6, 2022— The Bucharest Mayoralty, through the General Directorate of Social Assistance and the Municipality of Bucharest (DGASMB), the Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development Association and UNICEF opened a new Play, Learning and Parenting Center in the Capital - PrimoHUB. This is a day center, aimed at stimulating the development of children from birth to 6 years old by increasing the access to education of children from vulnerable communities, developing the parental skills of community members, as well as strengthening and expanding the skills of educators. The PrimoHUB concept aims to promote social inclusion through early education and care and support both Romanian and Ukrainian children living in Bucharest.

"We all understand the importance of the early years of life to our development as people and that is why I am a strong supporter of early education and care services. I am glad that Bucharest Mayoralty has partners with local and international experience, such as UNICEF and Step by Step, with whom we can offer these services to children from vulnerable backgrounds, including Ukrainian children. I think it is an important support for children, but also for parents and for the community in which they will grow up and integrate harmoniously", said Horia Tomescu, the vice mayor of the Municipality of Bucharest.

Early childhood education and care services are essential for all children's development, school performance and social inclusion. In the early years of life, support from parents, caregivers and tutors can create strong foundations for lifelong physical, mental and learning outcomes. For children on the move, such as those refugees from the war in Ukraine, access to early education services is vital because of the risk of accumulating losses related to basic skills.

"Access to early education and care boosts children's development, helping them to socialize and learn. Having children from different backgrounds learning and socializing together from an early age fosters long-term social inclusion. From an economic point of view, investing in early education is the best investment we can make as a society, because one dollar invested now will return at least seven dollars in the long run, as the future earnings of adults depend on the quality of education in the early years of life", said Anna Riatti, UNICEF Representative in Romania.

Carmen Lică, the executive director of the Step by Step Center, highlighted that "it is very important that these children affected by multiple traumas, but who have found a shelter in our country, can feel loved and welcome, to be able to enjoy childhood, socialize and play with Romanian children in a friendly environment. Early education offers the greatest chance for these children to develop the adaptability and skills necessary to reach their potential in an ever-changing society. At the same time, children's participation in the program gives parents the peace and respite to solve at least part of their problems and look for a job".

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