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FRF and UNICEF in Romania join forces for children

BUCHAREST, 10 March 2017 – The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and UNICEF in Romania announce their entering a three-year partnership with the aim of carrying out joint actions to promote quality inclusive education for children and combat violence against children. 

“Soccer is a social phenomenon, uniting millions of sports fans regardless of their gender, profession, faiths, preferences or social status. If this force is aimed at supporting the idea of education and protection against all forms of violence, we believe more children will receive quality education, more young people will be motivated to stay in school and will grow up without being exposed to any form of violence. At the same time, through soccer, we can help mobilize more resources for the UNICEF programmes targeted at increasing the quality of education”, said Mr. Răzvan Burleanu, President of FRF.

The Romanian Football Federation will be involved in promoting UNICEF programmes among its soccer fan community, will use all available opportunities to raise awareness of the problems and challenges faced by children, especially those vulnerable and marginalized, will integrate and develop its own projects for child communities, will continue to promote policies against violence and bullying and will support fundraising for UNICEF in Romania programme implementation. 

“The partnership with the Romanian Football Federation will contribute to increasing people’s information and awareness regarding children’s rights and educational needs. We would like to be able to send our campaign messages, with the Federation’s help, to as many football fans as possible. Fans can support vulnerable children’s access to quality inclusive education and can help end violence against children”, said Mrs. Sandie Blanchet, UNICEF Representative in Romania.


About UNICEF in Romania

UNICEF is on the ground in Romania and other 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. In Romania, UNICEF works with key stakeholders such as the Government, the Parliament, local authorities, the civil society, the private sector, national and international partners and the media to provide all children with access to quality early education and school, protect adolescents and monitor child rights, ensure social protection and leverage resources for children.  



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