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UNICEF: over 9,000 people to support Romanian children with disabilities each month

During the “See the child first!” campaign, carried out by UNICEF and Realitatea TV between 1 July and 7 September 2013, over 9,000 donors committed to lend monthly support to the cause of Romanian children with disabilities.

The “See the child first!” campaign aimed at informing, raising awareness and funds for children with disabilities used TV and online media as outlets while donations were raised through an online platform and SMS pledges.

With the funds raised through monthly donations, UNICEF will develop intervention models meant to provide equal opportunities for development to the most vulnerable children in Romania and in the world: children with disabilities. These children are often ignored by society, public policies, and statistics, making their exclusion and inequity even greater. Children with disabilities have less access to services and are more likely to become victims of violence, neglect, and abuse. Children with disabilities have the same rights as any other children. They have the right to survival, decent living conditions, participation in community life, a healthy life, as well as to develop to their fullest potential

“See the child first!” was the first fundraising campaign in Romania to use the SMS pledge as a fundraising tool with the support of ARC, Orange Romania and Vodafone Romania. Hence, Romania is the third country in the world, after Norway and Great Britain, where UNICEF has introduced the SMS pledge. Also, “See the child first!” is the second UNICEF campaign that has raised recurring donations online through the platform powered by PayU.

To make a real difference in the society, we need constant aid from our supporters in the form of monthly donations. Together, we – UNICEF, ARC and “UNICEF Friends” – can make sustainable changes in the lives of Romanian vulnerable children

The cause of children with disabilities has also been supported through media partnerships by: Evenimentul Zilei, Capital, CSR Media, Business Woman, Fundația de Evaluare în Educație [Educational Evaluation Foundation], Cartoon Network, Iqads, Bebetex,, Plăcerile lui Noe [Noah’s Pleasures], Itsy Bitsy,,,,,,,,,,, and MediaBrief. 



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