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Romania first: UNICEF and DONATIE.RO launch SMS pledge

Stefan is a 4 year old boy happily integrated in kindergarten
© UNICEF Romania/Radu Sandovici
Stefan is a 4 year old boy happily integrated in kindergarten
BUCHAREST, 7 July 2013. UNICEF, with the support of ARC, Orange Romania and Vodafone Romania, launch for the first time in Romania SMS pledge as a fundraising tool part of “See the child first!” campaign aimed to support children with disabilities. 

“SMS pledge donations, alongside Direct Debit giving and one-time text donations, make it easier for people to give. Thus, we offer Orange and Vodafone customers the chance to give EUR 2 each month, starting with UNICEF campaign. The system is designed to let donors choose when they want to stop giving and integrates transparency features that help them find out how much money has been raised and any results yielded by the donations”, declared Dana Pîrțoc, Executive Director of the Association for Community Relations (ARC). 

“Romania is the third country in the world, after Norway and Great Britain, where UNICEF uses SMS pledge. To make a real difference in the society, we need constant aid from our supporters in the form of monthly donations. Together, we – UNICEF, ARC and “UNICEF Friends” – can make sustainable changes in the lives of Romanian vulnerable children”, said Sandie Blanchet, UNICEF Representative in Romania.

Be a Friend of UNICEF! 

People who want to support children with disabilities can give EUR 2 each month and thus become “UNICEF Friends”. 

Send a free text with the word CHILD (“copil” in Romanian) to 8844, available in Orange and Vodafone networks. You will get a confirmation text message from 24400. After you send this SMS, you will see the equivalent of your VAT-free EUR 2 donation on the bill that your service provider sends you each month. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer of one of these networks, EUR 1.61 (since you have already paid VAT upon topping up) will be deducted from your available funds and UNICEF will get your full EUR 2 donation. 

In case you want to opt out, send a free SMS with the word STOP to 8844, available in Orange and Vodafone networks. You will get a text message from 24400 confirming that your monthly giving has been stopped.

“See the child first!” campaign
With the funds raised through monthly donations, UNICEF will develop intervention models meant to provide equal opportunities for development to the most vulnerable children in Romania and in the world: children with disabilities. These children are often ignored by society, public policies, and statistics, making their exclusion and inequity even greater. Children with disabilities have less access to services and are more likely to become victims of violence, neglect, and abuse. Children with disabilities have the same rights as any other children. They have the right to survival, decent living conditions, community life participation, a healthy life, as well as to develop to their fullest potential.
“See the child first!” campaign is an awareness and fundraising campaign devoted to children with disabilities living in Romania and run by UNICEF and Realitatea TV in June – August 2013. 

For more details please contact:

Despina Andrei, Communication and Fundraising Manager,, +40749 194 239

About UNICEF Romania

UNICEF is on the ground in Romania and other 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence.  In Romania, UNICEF works with the Government, the Parliament, local authorities, the civil society, the private sector, national and international partners and the media to provide all children access to high quality early childhood education and schooling, to safeguard adolescents and monitor child rights, to ensure social protection and leverage resources for children. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.



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