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School environment and teachers' approches when working with Roma

BUCHAREST, 21st of September  2012. The Roma Education Fund Romania Foundation, member of the Roma Fund international network, in partnership with UNICEF Romania has organized the sixth workshop on School environment and teachers’ approaches when working with Roma.

Representatives of the most important institutions involved in the education of the Roma children took part in this event, such as the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education, the Institute of Educational Sciences, the Center for European Policies, AM POSDRU, county school inspectorates, as well as representatives of the non-governmental sector, who implement various projects aiming at reducing the educational gap between the Roma and non-Roma children.

A series of recommendations have been made within the workshop with regard to: the existence of a unitary definition of school abandonment, a honest reporting of the school absenteeism and drop-out phenomena, the real and conscientious implementation of measures that assure access to quality education and not just formal school paperwork, increasing the appeal of the teaching profession by motivating those who want to embrace such a career. The solutions and recommendations of the participants will be included in the sixth policy brief on the school environment.

“This is the last workshop on advocacy for educational policies within our joint project – Roma Education Fund Romania and UNICEF, and we’ve done an ample analysis of the school environment from the perspective of a complex set of quality indicators, such as the degree of qualification of the teachers, the curricular frame, infrastructure, endowments, the interaction of teachers with students, etc. The central point of the debates was the impact of the school environment on the Roma children alongside the recommendations of public policies for the educational inclusion of the Roma children”, stated Eugen Crai, National Director of the Roma Education Fund Romania.
The workshop is part of the advocacy initiative Current challenges regarding the access to quality education of Roma children that the Roma Education Foundation and UNICEF have implemented in order to improve the educational policies addressed to the Roma children.

“The involvement of experts and professionals in the educational field, as well as in the connected fields is paramount for the debate of these extremely important issues. It’s the only way that concrete and applicable solutions can be transposed in the public policies for the social inclusion and the right to education of all the children in Romania”, stated Luminita Costache, Social Policy Specialist – UNICEF Romania.

The recommendations that Roma Education Fund Romania and UNICEF propose are included in six policy briefs that follow the theme of every advocacy workshop: school participation of Roma children, the School after school programme, the child’s early development, school desegregation of the Roma children, funding in education through the European Social Fund. The six advocacy workshops have brought together for debate representatives of ministries, the academic environment and professionals from various levels of the educational system. The six policy briefs will be forwarded, together with a series of recommendations aimed at improving the public policies, by the end of this year, to the institutions.



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