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Fundraising: Building awareness and strong partnerships for the benefit of children

UNICEF Romania / First Face to Face programme in Romania launched
© UNICEF Romania / First Face to Face programme in Romania launched


UNICEF is active in more than 190 countries and territories all over the world. A large amount of resources are needed in order to support programmes for the most vulnerable children and help them build a better future. Local and international fundraising activities allow UNICEF to not only to develop long term programmes for the benefit of children, but also to involve the business community and increase awareness of children’s needs. Also, in case of emergencies – floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and conflicts - strong partnerships with companies and individual donors allow UNICEF to act quickly in response to the needs of children and their families. Fundraising campaigns and events are also a good opportunity to advocate for children’s rights and raise awareness for what UNICEF does in the country. The UNICEF Country Office established a Fundraising Section in 2006 to mobilise resources for the country programme in Romania and also to support UNICEF programmes in poorer countries.


The following are the main actions which have been carried out to date:

Corporate Partnerships:

  • Between 200 – 2012, UNICEF Romania established strong long term partnerships with a number of multinational companies active in Romania, including BRD - Groupe Société Générale; UNICREDIT Țiriac Bank; GDF SUEZ Energy Romania; Carrefour Romania; Kaufland; and Amway. International partnerships were also developed and strengthened locally with IKEA; Pampers; H&M; Gucci; ING Bank; and Tefal. More recently, two new partnerships were developed with DP World Constanta and Rotary Club Cetate Timisoara through local events which is in line with the strategy of gaining support from local companies as well as multinationals.


During the last years, a series of telethons were organized to raise funds and awareness for local projects and also for local and international emergencies.

The first telethon took place in 2005 when UNICEF partnered with TVR to raise funds for the victims of the Asian tsunami. Since then, TVR has supported UNICEF to raise funds for children with disabilities, the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, and Parenting programmes, in four telethons which took place between 2007-2011.
Realitatea TV is UNICEF’s main partner for local emergencies, such as floods, and international disasters such as the Haiti earthquake.

Funds have also been raised for non-emergency projects supported by UNICEF in other countries. Antena 2 developed the campaign “2 for life” to help children from Bangladesh affected by severe dehydration, and in 2011 Realitatea TV launched a campaign “We fight against malaria” to raise money for bednets to help prevent malaria, a major child killer in Africa.

Individual donations

Private individuals are very important stakeholders and support UNICEF’s work by responding to SMS campaigns, direct marketing, online appeals, and more recently Face to Face.

The house list consists of 7,000 donors at the moment. Online over 70,000 fans  follow UNICEF’s Facebook page and Friends for UNICEF - a monthly giving programme that now numbers over 1,700 donors. Meanwhile, UNICEF is working  with BRD - Groupe Société Générale to bring that number higher.
UNICEF is the first non- profit organization in Romania to launched a Face to Face campaign and many others are planning to follow this example.

Over $ 973.000 raised for children affected by the 2010 floods in 6 counties in the north-east of Romania.
Over $ 973.000 raised for children affected by the 2010 floods in 6 counties in the north-east of Romania.

Fundraising Milestones 

2008 – International campaign One pack=one vaccine in partnership with Pampers  raised funds in Romania to cover 4.6 million vaccines: and 300 million at international level.

2008 - Over $ 973.000 raised for children affected by floods in  the north-east of Romania.

2009 -Campaign launched with TVR to raise money and awareness for Parenting programmes

2009 –The first non-emergency international campaign “2 for life” in partnership with Antena 2 TV.

2009 - First IKEA Soft Toys campaign

2009 - Flash mob organized in the Bucharest metro to raise awareness about parenting projects

2009 - First thank you event for corporate partners - a theatre performance of King Lear

2010 –Year of emergencies both local and international: Haiti and local floods

2010 – Launch of first affinity card in partnership with UNICREDIT Tiriac Bank

2010 – First multi annual partnership for education signed with GDF Suez Energy

2011 - UNICEF partnered with BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, for a second year in a row, to organize the Volunteer Action Solidarity Week. 4,000 BRD employees promoted UNICEF to customers and in the process attracted around 700 pledge donors.

2011 – First Face to Face programme in Romania launched

2011- Supporter base expanded through organization of events outside Bucharest, in Constanta and Timisoara

2011- Joined global malaria campaign by running a TV and online initiative

2011– Organized a thank you event for corporate and media partners – a theatre performance of the popular play “Peste cu mazare”

 - Andreea Marin Banica, Gheorghe Hagi and UNICEF Country Rep Edmond McLoughney launch the first in a series of super-successful telethons for children in Romania as well as international trouble spots



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