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Unite for Children

This issue of the Newsletter presents a brief summary of programmes and activities with which UNICEF is currently partnering in Romania.

It goes on to elaborate 4 of the main areas in which we are working. These are: the School Attendance Initiative; the Community-Based Services Project (CBS); Breastfeeding; and HIV/AIDS. The articles set out the background of each of these programme areas and describes the actions being taken, the results obtained and plans for the future. An update of our work on resource mobilisation, which enables us to fund our activities, is also provided.

To highlight the human side, there are two stories which focus on the situation of families our programmes are trying to benefit. These are sad stories, but they need to be told in order to remind ourselves of the state of social exclusion in which such a large number of children and families live. UNICEF staff spends a lot of time in the field in Romania constantly refreshing our knowledge on the situation of deprived families and communities and developing better ways and means of working with partners to improve the situation of children in a sustainable way.

It is hoped that this Newsletter will help answer questions which people often ask about UNICEF’s work in Romania. If further information is needed, readers are directed to our website for the English version, and for the Romanian version. If readers wish to make a financial contribution to UNICEF’s work in Romania, full details can be obtained at

On a personal note, my assignment in Romania comes to an end in May 2012 after four and a half years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people I have met here, especially partners in Government and the NGO sector at central, county and commune levels. I would also like to thank our supporters in the private sector, the media and among the public at large. I must also acknowledge UNICEF’s dedicated staff  in Romania who work hard day-in and day-out to turn plans and strategies into reality for disadvantaged children. I will be sad to leave this lovely country but happy that UNICEF’s work will continue to provide a springboard for deprived children to reach their full potential in life.

Edmond McLoughney
UNICEF Representative in Romania



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