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Newsletter no. 10

Hand to mouth: Families and the Crisis

In this issue:

Let’s Unite for Children!
This issue of the newsletter explores the human dimension of the financial and economic crisis. We start by looking at the overall picture based on the findings of the crisis monitoring surveys UNICEF has been conducting over the past two years.

Romania: A Country of Two Tales
Every nation has its official and unofficial records of events past and present but against the backdrop of other European states Romania’s contrasts are,indeed, striking. Extremes exist in such close proximity that their juxtaposition is quite overwhelming.

Bread and Mustard
A ham and mustard sandwich is a delicious combination, won’t you agree? But what happens when you take the ham away? What happens when you are so poor that you can’t afford to insert a piece of ham between your slices of bread?

Turturele (Doves)
In the heart of a handsome Transylvanian city with Roman remains, a medieval fortress and a twentieth-century coronation cathedral complex, there is a block of flats by the name of Turturica.

A Case of Obesity
Dr Blaga is an experienced family doctor. She has 2000 patients on her list. She has not been affected by the salary cuts that numbed all public sector employees last year, including hospital doctors and nurses.

No Time for a Slipped Disk
As many governments worldwide endeavour to reduce their budget deficit, people at the bottom of the income pile are increasing theirs.

Is it still possible to raise funds during a Crisis?
Before the crisis started, UNICEF Romania generated two-thirds of its income from corporate sources and one-third from private individuals.

Gheorghe Hagi and five top bloggers visit beneficiaries of The Future Starts at School programme
UNICEF Romania Goodwill Ambassador Gheorghe Hagi and several well known bloggers visited the community of Făurei in the county of Constanţa, which is being supported by the UNICEF campaign The Future Starts at School.



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