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Newsletter no. 9

Protecting Romania's Children

In this issue:

Let's Unite for Children!
Around the world, millions of children are subject to violence, exploitation and abuse. It is happening right now, while you are reading this article.

Prevention is better than cure: changing the emphasis in Romania’s child protection system
In the early 1990s, Romania’s institutionalised children were one of the major global news stories.

We must all play our part in helping keep children with their families
The last few years have shown us how important it is to continue efforts to keep children with their parents.

Effective social services: protecting the most vulnerable children
Almost everyone understands what child poverty means: when children are deprived of the resources they need to grow and develop, they are living in poverty.

Building together - Support granted by the DGASPC for the development of social community services
Tackling social matters through preventive measures is a very complex business. Early and accurate diagnosis of the problems facing a child, a disabled or at risk person is, in our opinion, almost impossible for most local authorities.

Prevention services’ commitment: A child’s place is with the family
When Viorica, an FRCCF social worker, met Daniel, one of Ms O’s three children, he was on the verge of being placed in foster care.

When the Kids Came Marching In
Saturday, 20 November 2010, was a day of colour and costume, of petitions and promises, of fun and fanfare.

Complex prevention strategies – working together to help children fulfil their potential
We are all part of different groups, from the family unit to wider society. Our interaction with other people shapes our identity and our path in life. So children born into poverty or dysfunctional families need help to fulfil their potential.

Community social services supplied by town halls - A professional’s view
Since 1997, Romania’s social welfare and protection services have undergone huge changes, starting with the reform of the child protection system.

Speaking with one voice: children stand up for their rights
Interviewees are part of a social inclusion programme which includes day care centres

UNICEF launches Romania’s first loyalty card to fund mother and child wards in maternity hospitals
To help keep mothers and newborns together for that vital early period, UniCredit Ţiriac Bank has joined forces with UNICEF to come up with a special loyalty card that allows anybody to lend their support to the cause at no further cost.

Solidarity Week
In 2010, BRD - Groupe Société Générale organised the second annual Solidarity Week, an ambitious volunteering campaign, between 10 and 18 June. As in 2009, the volunteering took place countrywide for the benefit of UNICEF.



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