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UNICEF and Kaufland Romania – a parenting partnership

© UNICEF Romania/ Giacomo Pirozzi
Mum’s the word: a mother helps her daughter get to grips with writing

Kaufland Romania has been supporting the “Parental Education” community-based project implemented by UNICEF in partnership with Holt Romania and the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

The project aims to promote a new type of community-based service to prevent situations of risk for children and their families. The Holt-modelled course, “How to become better parents”, takes a positive approach to child-rearing and education and specifically focuses on factors that contribute to abuse and neglect, including lack of information and parenting skills, and difficulties faced by the parents, their low self-respect, feelings of isolation, unrealistic expectations, as well as misconceptions about child development and the role of a parent.

Some 150 teachers and class coordinators will be trained as parenting trainers under this initiative, and will then hold training courses on parenting for 1,500 parents. The project will be rolled out in 18 counties around Romania, of which Kaufland is present in 16.

Parenting a teenager can be as challenging as raising a 5-year-old, as any parent will realise. Consequently, counselling, guidance and support are invaluable at all times, and the courses are designed with this in mind. Course modules are usually available for the following age groups: 0- to 3-year olds, 3- to 6-year olds, 6- to 10-year olds and teenagers.

The courses will continuously explore new ways to help parents acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the best development for their children. This is a basic right for every child and lays the foundations for a better future for all human beings, families and communities.



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