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Enquires on adoption of children from Haiti

As a result of the earthquake in Haiti, large numbers of children have become separated from their families and care-givers.

Many people from around the world have expressed their desire to take these children into their homes and provide them with support and care, and we thank them for their concern. Foster care and inter-country adoption will probably be among the means of providing essential care and support to Haitian children. We fully understand why families living in many countries want to give children in Haiti a caring and loving home. Our experience, time after time, in situations of crises and chaos – is that the interests of the child are best served by making sure children are reunified with surviving family members. We do not want to unwittingly separate children from their immediate or extended families.

“Every effort will be made to reunite children with their families. Only if that proves impossible, and after proper screening has been carried out, should permanent alternatives like adoption be considered by the relevant authorities”, stated UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman.

We are not looking at options for alternate care at present, but are focused on the immediate provision of emergency support and care for these children. What is needed now is life saving support and care for children in Haiti.

International adoptions are governed by the Hague Convention.



Contact person UNICEF Romania:
Codruţa Hedeşiu, Communication Officer, email:, phone: +40 21 201 78 64



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