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Realitatea TV and UNICEF to Host “Haiti. Children of Chaos” Telethon

Realitatea TV and UNICEF will host a telethon for the children and families affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12.

Special phone lines and bank accounts dedicated to this event will be available to all those who want to make a gesture of solidarity. Similar to other solidarity campaigns launched by Realitatea TV, the news network will feature celebrity appearances from all areas of public. The “Haiti. Children of Chaos” Telethon will be aired live on Realitatea TV on Sunday, starting 4 p.m., in a special edition produced by Mihai Tatulici.

The unprecedented drama that millions of people are going through will have a strong echo in Bucharest. So far, Realitatea TV is the only TV station in Romania to have sent correspondents to the location of the biggest natural disaster of recent times. Cristian Zărescu and Radu Diaconescu will tell from overseas the stories of those who have run out of words to express their grief and will show viewers the desperation and chaos that took hold of the Caribbean state. The two correspondents’ feature stories will be broadcast during news reports, during the “Haiti. Children of Chaos” Telethon, as well as during the “Apocalypse after the Earthquake” campaign that will continue to present how the situation in Haiti is evolving after the Telethon.

UNICEF Romania has joined the massive international relief efforts to aid the estimated two million children affected by the earthquake. The funds raised will support UNICEF in order to coordinate efforts to meet Haitian children’s special needs for food, shelter and protection.

 For Realitatea TV this is not at the first action of this type. ”Five years ago, after the tsunami in Indonesia, we ran the first solidarity campaign in Romania for complete strangers who were in need. Romanians passed that test cum laude. In Banda Aceh, there is a school which was built with money donated by Romanians, also a kindergarten and about 200 children who will know for as long as they live that there is a country called Romania”, said the TV producer Mihai Tatulici.

 “The Haiti earthquake and our human relationship with Haitians add an edge, and the mere thought of it makes me anxious. In a country with very low life expectancy, most victims are children and youth. Helping children is the most profound religion of the human soul. Haiti should be for us a double challenge: to help them now when things are tough on us too, and to show generosity to children who are at an age when they don’t really understand who is helping them. And I think they will never thank us. To do good without waiting for appreciation is the normal human condition”, was the message sent out by Mihai Tatulici.

Realitatea TV is the first TV news channel set up in Romania and it is currently holding a leading position in the coverage of the most relevant national stories. Realitatea TV delivers nationwide and worldwide news that really “In any emergency, children are the most vulnerable. It is in our power to help as many children, whose life was already hard, survive this devastating earthquake. Any donation in these difficult times is priceless and will be used entirely to support relief efforts for children and their families” declared UNICEF Representative in Romania, Edmond McLoughney.matters, as well as comprehensive analyses in an unbiased and professional manner. Realitatea TV airs daily on average 35 live shows and has as studio guests every day over 15 analysts, journalists and experts explaining to viewers the day’s top stories. Realitatea TV is part of Realitatea–Caţavencu media trust which also owns, among others, the first business TV channel in Romania - The Money Channel, Radio Guerrilla, Gold FM and Realitatea FM, the most influential Romanian political satire weekly paper - "Academia Caţavencu", plus REALITATEA.NET and MONEY.RO portals.

UNICEF is on the ground in Romania and in other 150 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. 
In Romania, UNICEF supports children’s rights through health and nutrition programmes, quality education, and through the protection of children from violence, neglect and HIV/AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

Lucian Florea – PR Manager Realitatea TV,
Codruţa Hedeşiu – Communication Officer UNICEF Romania,



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