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UNICEF Gala promotes better parenting

UNICEF Gala 2009, the marathon telethon on TVR1 featuring dozens of personalities and young artists, has so far raised a total of USD 200,000 to be used for the promotion and expansion of parenting programmes in Romania.

The money was raised through 5 and 10 EUR calls in the Romtelecom network and through 2 EUR text messages in the Orange and Vodafone mobile networks, as well as from pledges made during the show. Four publishing houses donated books for children and parents with a total value of USD 42,500.

The show was hosted by Andreea Marin Bănică, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Romania and entertainer Dan Bittman, and was attended by personalities from Romanian political, economic and artistic life, as well as by supporters and close collaborators of UNICEF.

The strong commitment of the Romanian leadership towards the better parenting initiative was demonstrated by the presence of the Prime Minister Emil Boc, President of the Senate Mircea Geoană, Health Minister Ion Bazac, Minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu and Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea all of whom were in the studio accepting donations from the public by telephone.

The theme selected for this year's telethon was the improvement of parents’ skills, since good parenting is the main determinant of a child’s prospects of reaching his or her full potential in life.

“Good parenting means creating the best environment for a child’s development, including early stimulation and education. It means ensuring your child is properly nourished and cared for, is protected against disease and injury and is correctly treated when ill”, said Edmond McLoughney, UNICEF Romania Representative.

The total value of pledges made on-line and through the Celebrity Phone and Bank will be reported at the end of the campaign which continues to run until 30th June.

The text message short code 874 will continue to be available in the Orange and Vodafone mobile networks for 2 EUR donations, while the Romtelecom phone numbers 0 900 900 455 and 0 900 900 450 will stay open for 5 and 10 EUR donations. You can also donate online to and directly to the UNICEF account opened at BRD.

For more information please contact Codruta Hedesiu, Communication Officer, UNICEF Romania
email:, tel: +40 21 201 78 64. 



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