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'Romania takes roots' campaign

‘Romania takes roots’ campaign raised almost $1 million for flood victims

Romania’s 2008 floods constituted an emergency on a national scale, one which called for quick, decisive action. As soon as the extent of the flood damage was understood, a national fundraising telethon was organised by UNICEF and Realitatea TV.

© Picture: UNICEF Romania/Rareş Rusu
Romania takes roots’ begins with a telethon, presented by Andreea Marin Bănică and MihaiTatulici.

The telethon was hosted by UNICEF Romania Goodwill Ambassador Andreea Marin Bănică and Realitatea’s Mihai Tatulici, and attended by President Traian Băsescu, Bucharest’s Mayor Sorin Oprescu and numerous prominent personalities from Romania’s business and artistic circles.

© Picture: UNICEF Romania/Rareş Rusu
Romania's PresidentTraian Băsescu.

It worked wonders in spreading awareness of the problem to the populace.The telethon was the first stage of the fundraising campaign ‘România prinde rădăcini’ (eng: ‘Romania takes roots’) for flood victims, to which people were able to donate for a month after the telethon. In all, the sum of $973,000 was raised.

© All pictures: UNICEF Romania/Rareş Rusu






Dana Demetrian
of BRD

Gabriella Tonk
Undersecretary of State

Richard Moat
CEO Orange Romania

Raed Arafat
Undersecretary of State

Sorin Oprescu
Bucharest’s Mayor

Cătălin Popa
Director of RealitateaTV


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