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Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS)

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Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS)

In Brief

UNICEF promoted the formulation of a shared policy document regulating Early Child Development (ECD) services and a set of standards as a common reference framework for all ECD services. It also supported the training of national experts in the formulation and validation of Early Learning and Development Standards, and set up a multi-sectoral task force to provide expertise in the development of these standards.

Main results

The resulting Early Learning and Development Standards were adopted by the Ministry of Education, which is currently finalizing the new curriculum for the education of children under the age of 6. The standards have had an impact on the educational process in crèches and kindergartens, on the ECD curriculum for children from birth to age 7, on teacher and parenting training, and on the evaluation of educational programmes.

By adopting ELDS, Romania has made a major breakthrough in the region. As European Union member states do not yet have such standards, Romania is in the forefront in terms of policy development in this field. UNICEF is already using the Romanian model for advocacy and replication in the CEE/CIS region.



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