UNICEF standard sponsorship contract

Companies can support frontline professionals to look after the most vulnerable children in Romania 


Companies can get involved to provide frontline professionals the help they need to look after the most vulnerable children in Romania.  

If you represent a company, you can donate now for the safety of those who save lives!

Conclude the Sponsorship Contract without receiving tax credit – your company will NOT receive tax credit, the sponsorship is NOT corporate income tax deductible. The sponsorship contract will be concluded with UNICEF in Romania. Download the sponsorship contract, fill it in and send it at rdinu@unicef.org. Thank you!

UNICEF is an intergovernmental organization, a UN Agency, not registered with the ANAF registry of entities / units of cult, but it can accept sponsorships.

UNICEF will not accept donations from companies or groups of companies involved in the manufacturing and marketing of weapons, alcohol, tobacco and tobacco-derived products, electronic cigarettes, milk powder formulas violating the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes, or from gambling or pornography-related companies. The exclusion criteria list is not exhaustive.

For more details, please contact: Raluca Dinu-Paicu, Media & Advocacy Officer , rdinu@unicef.org, 0744 786 809 and Despina Andrei, Communication and Fundraising Manager dandrei@unicef.org, 074919 42 39, UNICEF in Romania.


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