Considerations for Safe Schools for Children and Adolescents

Students sitting in class, masks on, to prepare for exams


The purpose of the document is to learn from the challenges of the local educational facilities, to present a local image of the practical aspects and to document the approach for different types of school infrastructures. In this manner, the information can be valorised in order to support this process at the national level, before the beginning of the new school year 2020 –2021, in the new context of the pandemic challenges.

The considerations and the proposals in the present document cover, in equal measure, issues related to the preparation of the educational facilities in establishing processes and procedures of bringing the children to school, screening, access, positioning at their desks, access to toilet facilities, communication with all the stakeholders, procedures regarding taking breaks, having lunch and learning, from the perspective of the rules of preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2virus.

The opinions expressed in this document belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of UNICEF.

Authors: Alice Hrib, Andra Ilișanu, Bruno Farțade, Miruna Datcu, Miruna Lucaci, Raluca Cojoc, Raluca Dărăuță, Vlad Polcovnicu, Alina Zăbrăuțanu, Amalia Diaconu, Anca Crăciun, Oana Droiman