Respecting children’s rights – a priority for the Ombudsman and UNICEF Romania

The event, held at the Parliament Palace, was attended by the Ombudsman, Mr. Victor Ciorbea, the UNICEF Representative in Romania, Ms. Sandie Blanchet, representatives of the Parliament, Government, including the national justice system, members of the diplomatic corps and civil society, as well as the media.


The special report is an initiative of the Ombudsman’s Institution in Romania, conducted with the tehnical support of UNICEF Romania. The study aims to determine if the rights of children deprived of liberty in Romania are observed and if so, to what extent. It provides an analysis of these children’s perception with regard to the most important issues related to their right to security, to dignity, to access of legal counsel, health care, education and information services, and to maintain a relationship with their family and community while in detention. The report looks into how children’s rights are observed at all stages of the legal pathway, from preventive arrest to execution of the conviction or re-education sentence ruled by the court of law. 

In addition, by providing key information and recommendations for relevant institutions, particulary the Ministry of Justice – the National Penitentiary Administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and related Parliamentary Commissions, the study contributes to the improvement of public policies for children deprived of liberty and their sustainable social reintegration.

The same event presented the Ombudsman and UNICEF Romania with the opportunity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for 2014-2017, as a way of contributing to the extension and strengthening of child rights observance in Romania. This Memorandum, among others, will allow UNICEF to increase the Ombudsman Institution’s capacity for independent and efficient monitoring of children’s rights, as well as for identifying, analysing and reporting those cases of rights infringement, and following up on the measures taken in response to its actions. UNICEF will also support the Ombudsman in the development of a special report on institutionalized children.



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