UNICEF Romania releases music video to support #EndViolence

BUCHAREST, 25 July 2014 - UNICEF Romania today launched a new interactive music video dedicated to the prevention of violence against children as part of the global campaign #ENDviolence

The message of the music video - Violence can be found where you least expect it. Even inside you – points to the importance of self-awareness in stopping the cycle of violence. 

“Unfortunately, violence remains a tabu topic and is all too often silently accepted. If we choose to remain silent, children will believe that violence is a part of life - and this is unacceptable,” said Sandie Blanchet, UNICEF’s Representative in Romania. “There are many forms of violence and some, like verbal violence leave no visible scars, but the impact on children is damaging and affects them over the long term.”

Official data of Romania Ministry of Labour say 6 out of 10 children suffered a form of violence. 

The video is set to the song Hammers, by the German artist Nils Frahm. Is directed by Andrea Păduraru, and produced by the TVC Production Company: Saga Film.

The video will be on air on music channels, but also online on UNICEF YouTube channel: Nils Frahm’s “Hammers”: A music video to #ENDviolence against children. The concept was created by Lowe&Partners.




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