20 Years - The Convention on the Rights of the Child


What can the media do to advance the principles set forth by the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

  • Investigate whether governments are complying with the CRC obligations to which they are legally bound.
  • Put the missing face of children affected by AIDS at the centre of the HIV/AIDS agenda and make sure that the voices of children and young people are heard on the issues that affect them.
  • Ensure that coverage is sensitive to children, to their rights and developmental stages, and responsive to the kinds of education that the nation is supporting.
  • Sponsor school art, video and writing competitions on children’s rights with the winners' work published and celebrated.
  • Establish a regular space in your print or broadcast media for the Convention and children’s rights. Promote the rights of all children through editorials, columns, features, talks shows, dramas, documentaries and film series. Whenever possible, provide children and young people with an opportunity to express themselves.
  • Define role models and celebrate heroes who promote and protect child rights.
  • Solicit the views of children and address topics from their point of view, supporting children's ability to be active participants in their lives.
  • Avoid stereotyping of children and sensationalized stories about them.
  • Link the CRC to key United Nations action dates – such as the International Day of Families, International AIDS Memorial Day, World Breastfeeding Week and World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse – to draw attention to children’s rights.
  • Use existing resources such as the Child Rights Information Network, the humanitarian news and analysis service IRIN, and the assessment reports from the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
  • Promote the concept of the child as a person with rights and dignity.
  • Engage in public awareness campaigns, which can play a role in changing attitudes, beliefs and practices that threaten child protection.
  • Recognize, document and report all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation, as well as positive changes in attitudes and behaviours, as knowledge about these can contribute to further positive change.

Visit these websites to learn more about what the media can do to advance the principles set forth by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (all links open in a new window).
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