20 Years - The Convention on the Rights of the Child


What can governments do to advance the principles set forth by the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

  • Ratify all relevant human rights conventions that protect children’s rights. Pass and enforce laws in line with these international norms and standards, and effectively enforce and implement these laws. End impunity for crimes against children.
  • Review existing legislation to determine whether its provisions are consistent with the CRC.
  • Ensure that the government’s actions and policies are in the best interests of the child and evaluate their impact on children.
  • Provide adequate budgets for children. Adopt national policies to ensure the implementation of the Convention, instituting child-friendly schools, child protection and basic health services that receive an adequate proportion of the national budget.
  • Build a protective environment for children. Build up government sectors with a role in child protection, particularly social welfare and justice. Services need to be responsive and preventive, and need to be coordinated. Support community-based child protection networks and dialogues, and promote the elimination of violence against women and children.
  • Consult and cooperate with civil society groups working on child protection, education or health issues when developing national legislation, in order to gain access to comprehensive data and experience.
  • Involve children in decisions that affect them.
  • Improve data collection and information systems. National data collection on child protection must become routine, in order to identify vulnerable groups, inform policy and track progress. Analyze data by sex, age and other vulnerability factors.
  • Strengthen the protective role of families and communities. Train parents and caregivers about gender stereotypes, child development and non-violent forms of discipline.
  • Ensure access to education. Budget for – and implement – early childhood education, commit to compulsory primary education, develop secondary education and ensure equitable access to higher education

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