20 Years - The Convention on the Rights of the Child

International Children's Rights Documentary Film Festival

The Devil’s Miner by Kief Davidson

The International Children’s Rights Film Festival is a festival of documentary films, presented jointly by UNICEF and partners around the world to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Screenings will be held in several countries from November through December 2009.

This unique collection of over 20 documentaries presents the stories and voices of children and young people, spotlighting how the world has succeeded – or failed – in the effort to ensure their fundamental rights.

Nine-year-old Punam must work to help support her family (Punam, Nepal). Jacqueline, 18, and Nhom, 9, both suffer the devastating impact of war (Behind Closed Eyes, Rwanda and Cambodia). Toti ran away from home at 11 to escape early marriage and genital cutting (Living Rights - Toti, Kenya). And children living in Moscow's underground train stations endure life as victims of prostitution, police abuse and addiction (Children of Leningradsky, Russian Federation).

Besides depicting such difficult challenges, the films also celebrate children, young people and families who are determined to transform their lives and communities. Among them are:

  • Young women in Zambia who learn to make a film as a way to take charge of their future (Where the Water Meets the Sky, Zambia)
  • Yoshi, a Japanese boy with Asperger’s syndrome who is determined to be schooled with his peers (Living Rights – Yoshi, Japan)
  • And adolescent boys in the United States who want to escape the poverty and violence in their inner-city Baltimore community (Boys of Baraka, US).

UNICEF and its worldwide partners, country offices and National Committees – as well as the participating filmmakers and universities, and other supporters of the International Children’s Rights Film Festival – are committed to making the principles of the Convention real for all the world’s children.



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