20 Years - The Convention on the Rights of the Child

Worldwide events

New York

 NEW YORK October 27 Governance: Good Enough for Children? – a presentation that will explore the connections between the child rights and governance perspectives. Moderated by Bill Bell, Head of Child Protection for Save the Children UK, it will include presentations by Hildre F. Johnson, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director; Dani Kaufmann, Brookings Institute; Assefa Bequele, African Child Policy Forum; and Phil Murteza, UNDP Anti-Corruption Advisor. Located in Henry Labouisse Hall, UNICEF headquarters in New York, and presented with Save the Children
 NEW YORK November 2 Launch of “Perspectives on the Convention” – the launch of a series of  essays from a broad range of contributors, to appear on the UNICEF website. The State of the World’s Children has invited each essayist to - in 1,000 words or less - reflect on the impact the Convention has made in his or her life and work, and offer suggestions to build on the treaty’s successes while addressing remaining challenges. Featuring more than 40 essays, the series will continue into the new year.
 NEW YORK November 3 "Art in All of Us" Photo and Art Exhibit Opening – The opening of an exhibit showcasing the photography, poetry and drawings gleaned from the work of 18,000 children from 300 schools in 192 countries. The exhibit aims to raise awareness of the CRC commemoration with UNICEF visitors and staff, and is based on a book of the same name for which UNICEF Executive Director Ms Ann M. Veneman wrote the foreword. Located in UNICEF House’s Danny Kaye Center, it will run through 31 January 2010.


GENEVA  October 8 - 9 Dignity, Development and Dialogue - a two-day meeting organized around the theme “Dignity, Development and Dialogue”, will bring together entities interested in the CRC, including States parties, UN bodies, national and international NGOs, academics and other relevant actors. Meeting is within the framework of the Pre-Session Working Group of the 53rd session of the Committee
GENEVA November 12 - 13 Legal Conference on the CRC – a conference “From Moral Imperatives to Legal Obligations - In Search of Effective Remedies for Child Rights Violations” with Richard Morgan booked tentatively for the opening session and Savitri Goonesekere on different legal systems. Organized by Save the Children
GENEVA November 16  “CRC@20 What Does it Mean for (Vulnerable) Children in Belgium?” Report Launch Event – a presentation to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. Vulnerable children will present their recommendations through an interactive exhibition

Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

CEE/CIS REGIONAL OFFICE  November 6 UNICEF CEE/CIS Child Rights Syllabus launch - Seven Turkish universities formally announce they will teach the UNICEF CEE/CIS Child Rights Syllabus as part of their journalism degree courses.  Location Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey
ALBANIA  November 20 First Lady of Albania Event at Presidential Palace - three to four short films focusing on real-life stories that show how we translate the articles of the CRC into action or move policy into action. The main actors of the clips will participate and say a few words about their current situation
ARMENIA  November 20  “Children Are Not Toys” Photo Exhibition – an exhibition at the National Assembly of Armenia provides a tour of all regions of Armenia and will close on Nov. 20th. Exhibition kicks off on the 1st of June at the UN Armenia House

East Asia and the Pacific

CAMBODIA   Photo and Video Exhibition – an exhibition of photos and video from the 1970’s and1980’s
CHINA  November 20 Launch of SOWC – a special press conference and launch of SOWC
CHINA  ONGOING Media Coverage - Xinhua, the country's largest news agency, will produce an extensive media package including multimedia (photography and video) stories being produced by bureaus in Asia and Africa, a CRC Goodwill Ambassador PSA campaign, Big Think partnerships interviews with intellectuals and academics on key CRC issues, and oneminutejr video workshops

Eastern and Southern Africa

ANGOLA  November 19 or 20  Launching of the SOWC  - by National Institute of Children, with National Council for Children, Nov 19 or 20

ANGOLA  November 25  Discussion in Parliament - parliamentarian discuss the inclusion of the CRC in the new constitution 
BOTSWANA  TBC Children's Forum - public debates by children involving parliamentarians, politicians, celebrities and media
BURUNDI  November 2 – 20 Children’s Essay Competition – a competition on the theme organised by the Boys Scouts

Latin America and the Caribbean

REGION WIDE November 19 - 21 Children’s Rights Film Festival – a festival featuring films from the region and around the globe, as well as an art exhibition and an award ceremony for a regional multimedia contest for adolescents on the issue of child rights.
REGION WIDE November Books on Rights – Twelve children´s books on different rights will be included weekly in the region’s biggest newspapers
BARBADOS TBC  CRC Documentary – the production of a video, "CRC, the Unfinished Agenda," on the status of children's rights in the Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

EGYPT  November 23 - 24 Conference on "Child Rights and Islamic Jurisprudence" - a conference organized by the Government of Egypt and the Organisation of Islamic Countries to assess CRC implementation. It will be attended by the First Lady of Egypt, the SG of the Organisation of Islamic Countries, Government delegations and possibly young people. See the website: www.crc20anniversary.com.eg.  A children's pre-meeting will be held on November 21 - 22.
EGYPT November 18 - 21 CRC@20 Commemoration – a series of local cultural, social and humanitarian activities about the CRC including a launch of a special edition of the State of the World's Children Report.
ALGERIA November SOWC Launch & Photo Contest

South Asia

ROSA REGIONAL OFFICE  November 20  SOWC Launch - ROSA and India Country Office jointly launching SOWC 2010 
ROSA REGIONAL OFFICE  November 19 - 21  Children’s Rights International Film Festival – a festival organized by ROSA in New Delhi showing films about children’s rights 
AFGHANISTAN October 1 - 30 Child Rights Training for Journalists – a three-day media training for local journalists on child rights and children’s issues

West and Central Africa

BENIN October 26 – November 7 8th African Meeting of Working Children and Youth – a meeting to assess the progress of children’s rights, the impacts of WCY activities and give new directions to the movement
BURKINA FASO November 20 Photo Exhibition – an exhibition of the images taken during a youth photo workshop at Rencontres africaine de la photographie in Bamako in November and December
CAMEROON November 20 CRC Commemoration - an open-day activity to mark the celebration of 20th anniversary of CRC


 BRUSSELS November 19 SOWC Launch with European Commission and UNICEF – EC Vice President Barrot and UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, Hilde Frafjord Johnson will launch the State of the World’s Children publication, with contributions from Commissioners Barrot, Ferrero-Waldner, Michel and High Representative Solana, and present the UNICEF-EC Partners at Work .
 BRUSSELS November 15 - 30 Charlemagne Building Activities – CRC@20 Photo Exhibit in the building’s ground floor (16-30 November) and CRC@20 Banner hung on the building (15-22 November).
 BRUSSELS November 16 Film Festival on the CRC@20 –  a film festival with films by and about children from all around the world in the Residence Palace.


ANDORRA  November 27 Youth Concert – a concert featuring students from a wide range of backgrounds singing a CRC song by an Andorran composer. The Andorran representative will also read the text “Another world is possible” prepared for the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Forum
AUSTRALIA November 27 World Bank Lunchtime Sessions - a special lunchtime briefing session on youth in Asia Pacific on Nov. 27, in which panel members will speak about the anniversary and what it means for children in Australia and the Asia Pacific. Content from the one-hour session will be broadcasted on the public affairs television channel A-PAC.
AUSTRALIA TBC Briefing for UNICEF Australia’s Parliamentary Association - UNICEF Australia will hold a briefing session for UNICEF Australia’s Parliamentary Association, which will be followed by the presentation to the Attorney General with a birthday cake to celebrate Australia’s commitment to the CRC and help raise awareness of child rights

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