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Jatnna Tavarez, National Ambassador

© UNICEF RD/Carlos de Soto/Oct. 2010

Santo Domingo. – The United Nations Children’s Fund - UNICEF - office introduces well-known media personality, Jatnna Tavarez, as National Ambassador for the Dominican Republic.

Ms. María Jesús Conde, UNICEF Representative in the DR, officially introduced Jatnna Tavarez as National Ambassador, explaining that the people designated as UNICEF ambassadors are prominent personalities who wish to devote their best efforts to mobilising public support for children.

“These people have an unique ability to touch people’s hearts with their passion and commitment”, adding that “given the strong motivation and interest in promoting children and adolescents’ rights that Jatnna has demonstrated in her public role, I am sure that her involvement will contribute to their inclusion in the national agenda”, stated Ms. Conde.

The people selected for this ambassadorial role are chosen from the world of the arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sports or some other area of public life, and as well as having expressed a wish to contribute to the United Nations’ work, they are willing to make their messages, priorities and aims become public knowledge.

Jatnna Tavarez stated that it was a huge commitment and responsibility for her to take on this new role in support of Dominican children. In her address, she repeatedly stressed the importance of perseverance as a central pillar of her life and in the achievement of her success, motivating everyone present to work with persistence to change the situation of children in the country.

At the moment of her designation the communicator received a brooch with the UNICEF emblem and the organisation’s blue shirt. She also signed the Terms of Reference in which she makes a commitment to defending children and adolescents’ rights, promote social change and putting into practice national policies that ensure the fulfilment of the Children’s Rights Convention.

© Unicef DR/Carlos de Soto/ Oct.2010

The commitments she has taken on also include being available to take part in campaigns related to UNICEF’s work in the country and to maintain the conduct and image of civic integrity that led to her nomination as UNICEF National Ambassador.

Ms Valerie Julliand, the United Nations System resident coordinator, also took part in the event. She expressed her satisfaction and enthusiasm for having such a prominent personality as an ally. Many members of Jatnna Tavarez’s family and production team accompanied her to the ceremony, as well as dozens of media peronalities, allies and friends of UNICEF in the country.

A successful career
With over 23 years in the media, award-winning Jatnna Tavarez is one of the best-known Dominican media personalities, with merits that go beyond her skill and capacity with words, also for the projects for promoting education and culture in the country.

She has been working in support of UNICEF Dominican Republic since last year, as the face for the “Awakening the Five Senses” campaign, on the importance of integrated childhood development, and more recently she has taken on a key role in the “A Voice for Children” campaign.

Her social work is wide-ranging and earlier this year she organised a successful telethon for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. In recent years she has been particularly famous for producing and presenting a reality show called ‘Long Live Merengue’, one of her great achievements and contributions to Dominican society, as well as TV specials that compile important aspects of national history that had never been documented. Two examples are “The Suffragists” and “The First Ladies”. She made her debut on the Rahintel TV station as a news reporter for the “Buenos Días” program.

UNICEF has been the first of many “causes” to receive support from celebrities.
Danny Kaye was the pioneer roving ambassador, followed by other personalities like Audrey Hepburn until the current international, regional and national group of distinguished Ambassadors and Ambassadresses was formed.

In the Latin American region famous personalities from the arts and sports have joined the organisation as national and regional ambassadors, such as Ricardo Montaner, Daniela Mercury, Diego Torres, Carlos Vives, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Leo Messi, and others.

October 2010




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