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How to support as an individual donor

When you contribute to UNICEF by helping to maintain our support for programmes in the country, you become much more than just a donor.

You become our partner. A true ally in the defence of Dominican children and adolescents’ rights because you become involved in the initiatives that help promote structural, sustainable and wide-ranging changes.

Your contribution means that UNICEF can provide technical expertise and financial support to programmes run by committed and qualified institutions, and disseminate knowledge about issues related to children and adolescents, enabling an increasing number of children and adolescents to benefit every day.

How is this achieved?
UNICEF identifies and helps to systematise and multiply successful experiences from the projects it supports. With its experience and qualified professionals, UNICEF works to develop social methodologies that governments can apply on a larger scale in the countries where it is active.

With public policies that prioritise children and sufficient human and financial resources, our country will have more smiling faces, like those in the above photo.

As our ally, we’ll keep you informed about our work through the bulletins, e-mail messages and annual reports that we send our supporters with information about the way we spend the money that we raise.

You can choose the best way of becoming an ally: through monthly or one-off, occasional donations. As a monthly donor you are ensuring that children and adolescents receive continuous support, essential if they are to overcome their adversities and develop fully.All the donations will mean that the actions supported by UNICEF will reach the children and adolescents who really need them in all parts of the country.

The donations we receive from individuals and companies can be income tax deductible.

Join our team and help make a difference!

Make a donation!

Make a difference to children’s lives right now.

Thanks to your contribution we can take health, education and protection to children in all the country’s regions and provinces.

You can choose the best way of contributing to our programmes through monthly or one-off, occasional donations, by purchasing UNICEF gifts or other ways of helping, conducted in partnership with institutions and companies that are committed to the rights of children and adolescents in the Dominican Republic.

Wills and Legacies

Thinking long-term, for the sake of future generations and for a better world, some people have remembered UNICEF when making their wills, after having included their loved ones. This is an important way to continue working together with new generations, helping them so that they can develop fully and have the opportunity for a dignified and productive life.

If you would like to find out more about this type of donation, please contact us
Buy a card or gift filled with life

Giving a gift to a friend or a family member is a way of showing affection and respect.

UNICEF cards are the best-known cards in the world associated with a social cause. By buying them you achieve a triple purpose: the personal satisfaction of greeting the people you love, the people to whom you’re sending the greeting, and Dominican children.

Everything you buy helps a child. Show your concern for the wellbeing of Dominican children.
All funds generated from the sale of UNICEF cards and gifts are spent in the country. More information.

When you make a monthly contribution you become a Children’s Friend and can be sure that you are guaranteeing the continuity of our initiatives.



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