Support UNICEF in Dominican Republic

How to support as an individual donor

UNICEF and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

How can you support UNICEF?

Funding for the programme of cooperation

Good Will Embassadors and personalities support UNICEF


How are our programmes funded?

UNICEF depends entirely on voluntary contributions.

For this reason, we work to raise funds from institutions, companies and individuals as a way of ensuring that every child and adolescent’s rights are completely fulfilled, respected and protected.

To carry out its work in the country where it is active, UNICEF receives funds from:

Multilateral government cooperation through our headquarters in New York;

Government bilateral cooperation agencies;

From the UNICEF national support committees;

From contributions by national companies and institutions;

From direct donations by individual supporters, and

From the sale of cards and gifts.

Funding for the DR Programme of Cooperation.



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